snowdrops sprouting


Just taken a tour of the garden. It is amazing how many things are starting to grow already.
Many bulbs are well up: daffodils and narcissus, dwarf irises, snowdrops..

snowdrops sprouting

snowdrops sprouting at foot of tree

dwarf iris bulbs late December

dwarf iris bulbs late December

Some shrubs and plants are starting to grow already – I hope they don’t get too damaged by frost or snow.

lupin sprouting Jan 2013

New leaves on Lupin in January

New shoots on honeysuckle.

New shoots on honeysuckle.

The red young shoots of geranium psilostemon  and the purple shoots of primula wanda are already visible in the dark soil.

Geranium sprouting early January

Geranium sprouting early January

4 thoughts on “A NEW YEAR!

  1. Hello Annette
    Good to see the plants in your Aberdeen garden making growth already.
    I will watch your garden and blog develop over the coming months. Its already feeling like visiting myself.
    I will add your blog to my list.

    • Thanks for your visit Alistair – it should be interesting for us to compare how plants are progressing in Aberdeen and Cheshire. Unless the climate does very strange things I think yours will win!

  2. Annette, my first visit to your blog (popped over from Alistair’s blog). My garden down here in Edinburgh is at a similar stage.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of your garden as the year moves forward. Happy New Year!

    • Hi Angie,
      Happy New Year to you too!
      So glad you popped over. I have just had a quick look at your blog and see you have been doing it a lot longer than me – the blog that is – I think I can claim more years of gardening. Not that that makes me an expert – there is always so much more to learn, but that’s why gardening never gets boring. I am looking forward to having a good look at your blog and website. Keep in touch.

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