Days are getting longer….

Did you know here in Aberdeen the sun set at 4pm today after 7 hrs and 23 minutes of daylight.
The great thing is that we had 3 minutes and 8 secs more daylight than yesterday and this increasing every day!


2 thoughts on “Days are getting longer….

  1. Found you after visiting Alistair and Myra’s blog….good to know you will be flying the flag for Aberdeen…I can identify with your variegated theme as have recently been introducing more of these evergreens into my Stonehaven garden. I love herbaceous cottage planting but this can mean garden is a bit dreary and “flat” in winter… also introducing more roses, lavender, shrubby herbs to give structure…along with a few limey-coloured thuja conifers for height….will be interested in how you will add to your existing structural plants. I have all the traditional favourites, honeysuckle, hydrangea paniculata, clematis, ivy etc for wall cover. Would love to know what challenges you face and also successes. Have fun with your blog….am not so brave myself!

    • Hi Margaret,
      Thank you for visiting my blog. It is a balancing act isn’t it. Totally herbaceous borders look wonderful – in fact I have just watched a recording of ‘The Great Garden Revival’ showing some amazing borders – but especially up here we have to have enough interest in the winter too. One of the main problems I have is that the poor shrubs can get swamped in the summer by rather vigorous herbaceous plants so they do not do as well as they could. Anyway I hope to post lots of pictures so you can see how things progress. Please visit again.

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