Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day: March in Aberdeen


There is definitely something in the air at the moment. The birds are very animated and are singing their little hearts out, especially at 6a.m!   I even heard the lovely song of a thrush the other evening, which was surprising as I had hardly seen a thrush all winter.  Even more surprising was that our lone squirrel  seems to have found a friend.  Well, I am assuming it was a lone squirrel, as we have never seen more than one at a time for several years.  We did think he was getting through an enormous amount of peanuts though, so maybe there was more than one of them all the time!

Tête-à-tête in pot with yellow viola

Tête-à-tête in pot with yellow viola

The stars in my garden this month have to be the lovely Tête-à-tête narcissus. I panicked last Autumn having read somewhere that bulb producers were going to stop selling these popular bulbs.  I can’t remember where I read it now and I can’t find any reference on the internet.  Did anyone else hear about this?

Yellow Viola

Yellow Viola in pot with narcissus

Anyway the upshot was that I went out and bought loads of these bulbs and I am now reaping the reward.  They are one of the first miniature narcissus to flower and to my mind one of the most endearing. They have several flowers on each stem, giving them their name. This name  is now so well known that it is easy to forget that it comes from the French ‘head to head’. crocus white top At the edge of my herbaceous border I was surprised by some lovely white crocuses. They surprised me because I had forgotten planting them. It is possible, of course, that I planted them several years ago and they just didn’t flower last year because of the terrible spring weather we had. Some of them seem to have migrated to the verge edge – surely I didn’t plant them there?  (And yes, I know the grass does need cutting!) croccus white side Do other people find white flowers harder to photograph? I got some strange fluorescent effects here – no post snapping manipulation, honest. The photos were taken in the middle of the day, but the photo information shows the flash was on for the second photo. crocus white


crocus white The anemone blanda are at their best this month – well when the sun shines that is.

anemone blanda

anemone blanda

The primula wanda are just coming out.  These are a useful plant  as they spread nicely though they do disappear completely in the winter.  The slugs and snails seem to keep away from them too.

Primula Wanda

Primula Wanda

The Primula Denticulata (drumstick primulas) are also coming out. I have three different colours in my garden.  I have a whole border full of pale lilac ones which all came from a couple of plants a neighbour gave me about twenty years ago!  They grow in a narrow border in the shade of a small wall, but always flower really well and need dividing every couple of years.

Primula Denticulata pale lilac

Primula Denticulata pale lilac

I also have a few darker purple ones.

Primula Deticulata Purple

Primula Deticulata Purple

They are a wonderful colour. Finally a have one white plant which I bought last year and I hope will be able to divide this Autumn.

Primula Denticulata white

Primula Denticulata white

It is strange how my different coloured primulas grow differently – for example the lilac  flowers start to open before the stems have started to grow, but the white ones don’t open until the stem is grown. Is this normal or is my new white plant a bit of a nonconformist? There are lots of beautiful primulas, but to my mind you can’t beat our native primrose, the primula vulgaris, especially when you see it growing in the wild.

Native primrose

Native primrose with native dandelion!

The Erysimum ‘Bowle’s Mauve’ is starting to flower again already. It was still flowering in October last year. So long a you keep cutting it back it just keeps on going. This is a plant I always recommend to new gardeners as it produces such a display for such a long period.  The butterflies love it too. There is an orange Erysimum if you prefer that colour but in my experience it is not quite so prolific.

Erysimum Bowles Mauve

Erysimum Bowles Mauve

Erysimum buds

Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’ covered in buds

What a difference in the garden this year compared with last.

Tub in snow

Front planter in snow

Carol at May Dreams Garden hosts this meme on the 15th of every month why not visit her site to see how other gardens are blooming today.

Next Garden Post: War is declared……


23 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day: March in Aberdeen

  1. As you say, what a difference with last year’s weather. You have got lots of really beautiful little spring flowers and I think your pot of Tete a Tete is stunning, that must bring a smile to your face each day!

  2. I too struggle with white flowers, and that’s without using flash 😉 Lovely to see all your flowers, Annette – I am observing my denticulata as the white ones were new last year, so I don’t know what they do. The purple have certainly been gradually opening stalk-less

    • Yes I think the very pale flowers get over exposed and so they lack definition. I think maybe a polarising filter will help to cut the glare. I’ll let you know when I work it out. Will be interested to hear about your denticulata. What shades of purple do you have?

      • Just a really dark purple, Annette – some bargains from Morrison’s last year. The white ones were even more of a bargain from a JTF discount store!

        • Well done – don’t find many bargains like that here, though we do have a new Morrisons at the top of the road so will keep a look out for plants. B and Q is the best for bargains and sometimes Sainsburies. My white one came from a garden centre so wasn’t cheap, but I had been wanting a white one for ages so I bought it. Then I was really annoyed to find it was mixed and a part of the plant was purple! They must have got their seeds muddled up.

          • Morrison’s used to be really good with plants during the main season – although I don’t go often now as I am such a big Aldi fan (and they are good for plants too, but on a week by week basis)

          • I tend to raid the Bargain benches at garden centres – I love a bargain. We do have an Aldi, but not handy. Now I know they do plants I might make an effort to go.

          • Do check on Aldi’s website before you go as they have different plants on offer throughout the season – but great value. They have had had fruit trees for about £3.99 recently, for example

  3. I had not heard that Tete a Tete was going to be discontinued — surely not, unless some growers’ stock is virused. Jet Fire makes a good substitute, except that the cups are orangy.

    • Hi Nell, Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I must look back over old magazines to find out where I read that. I don’t remember it being because of a virus. I can’t believe it would be because sales were dropping either as they are so gorgeous. Thanks for the tip on Jet Fire – I will look out for some anyway.

  4. Those white crocuses really are lovely. I get so envious when I see them in others’ gardens. They don’t stand a chance here with hungry mouths and beaks. I thought much the same re squirrels, only the one. Then three appeared all at once! I started looking at their ears. They fight a lot and bits go missing, sometimes you can spot differences that way!

    • Yes, apart from the generally shorter growing season we really don’t have much to complain about here. But then, I don’t have anyone else to blame when things don’t grow!! That is a good tip re the squirrel’s ears – I was wondering how to tell them apart. Mind you I don’t think they will come so much now; I read you shouldn’t put whole peanuts out in spring as the young birds can choke. That said they should have enough peanuts buried in my garden to last them a lifetime!

    • Thanks Angie – I think it was more luck than anything else – well apart from using a camera that kind of knows what it is doing.
      I was pleased with the pot too – it is looking even better today now more of the viola flowers have come out. I am very happy that the slugs are not demolishing my pansies and violas so far this year. I didn’t plant them for a few years because it was so hopeless, but got tempted again last Autumn.

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