Empty snail shells

Only a (hopeful) Gardener…

Would get so excited at finding an empty snail shell by a rock in the herbaceous border……

Empty snail shells

Empty snail shells

I do my best to encourage thrushes into my garden to eat the huge amount of slugs and snails that eat my lovely plants.  I put out bird seed especially for song birds,  I leave rocks strategically placed under bushes and I chase off neighbours’ cats.  However although I occasionally see thrushes they don’t seem to come very often.  I do seem to have lot of blackbirds and wonder whether they chase off the thrushes?

So, when I find empty snail shells hidden in the undergrowth beside a rock I do tend to get rather excited, knowing at last a thrush has come to visit and may possibly stay.

Please join in with my ‘Only a Gardener’ meme.

I am sure there must be many things that only a gardener would do or get excited about…..
It can be anything from a whole post to a few words or even just a picture.

I will try to publish on  1st of each month – the same day as April fool’s day, but I think this could run for the first week of the month so it doesn’t clash with  other end/start of month memes.

Just add a tag ‘Only a Gardener’ to your post so it can be found easily and add your link in a comment to this page.
If you don’t have a blog then please do let me know of the crazy things you do by adding a comment to this post.  I would love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Only a (hopeful) Gardener…

  1. It doesn’t take much to get this garden excited. I will try get a post together Annette. I’ve noticed a distinct lack of slugs and snail and to tell you the truth have no idea if thrushes visit my garden, I’ve certainly never seen one.

    • I think this has been a better year for slugs and snails even without the thrushes. I have violas and pansies flowering for the first time in ages. Frogs are useful too which is why I would love a small pond. We are lucky our neighbour has one.

  2. I haven’t seen a lot of thrushes here either. In my last house there were a lot, singing sweetly from the chimney pots and, best of all, I could here the frequent rapping of snail shell against stone…

  3. I think I get unduly excited by the patterns on hover-flies. It’s only in the last couple of years I’ve realised how many varieties there are. Until then I just thought a hover-fly is a hover-fly and that’s it.

    I’m updating the information on the Loose and Leafy Tree Following Page


    ready for the link box on Monday (7th). I don’t have a name for you. Would you like it added in?

    • I didn’t know that either – perhaps you could blog on it for next month’s ‘Only a Gardener’ meme?
      Yes please add in my name on your site.
      My Aberdeen Garden: Annette (Aberdeen, Scotland)
      Many thanks.
      Might be a bit late with post this month as just back from holiday but will do my best.

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