blue orchid

Where have I been?

A little puzzle for you……..

I am just back from a fortnight’s holiday somewhere very hot and humid.  I will be posting a few blogs shortly but meantime can you guess where I have been on holiday?   Family and close friends may not enter as hopefully you all know where I have been!

I won’t publish any correct guesses for a few days, just so everyone gets a good shot at it.  You get three guesses each, but only one at a time.

This tree grows everywhere with its beautiful waxy flowers

Frangipani flowers

Frangipani flowers

The country I visited has 1,500 species of orchids growing naturally in its forests, though this photo was taken in the botanic gardens.

blue orchid

blue orchid

Answer and first correct guesser to be published on Friday.

Happy guessing. . . .



27 thoughts on “Where have I been?

        • Let’s say three guesses each. If you don’t get a reply I am either out shopping or you have got it right!
          And sorry, not Sri Lanka either. You might want to hold your last guess until a few other wrong answers have been published, but then again someone else might beat you to the right answer. What a decision for first thing in the morning.

  1. OK which of you readers is in two countries at once? I have apparently had 4 visitors today but the statistics are showing 5 country flags (United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Cyprus and South Africa). The views both tally to 19 so it is not as if the two statistics are counting differently.
    Very Strange.

  2. I will get my thinking cap on – I was going to suggest Madeira until you mentioned the orchids (but perhaps they have orchids in Madeira – must google…) so I am guessing the far East somewhere

    • That is a good guess as I have family there, but no, not this time. I don’t think it is that hot there yet either.
      I did say only three guesses each to try to make it fairer, but I am losing count . . .
      How about you keep going, but the winner will be the person who gets it in three – if anyone does. I hadn’t realised how tricky it was to run a simple competition via a blog. I think I should have just kept it simpler i.e. no rules. Good job it is just a bit of fun and no prizes involved!

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