Golden Buddha in Phuket

Where have I been – the answer.


Golden Buddha in Phuket

Golden Buddha in Phuket

Congratulations to Lynda from Nottingham,  one of my email followers,  who was the only person to guess correctly.  Alistair from Aberdeen Gardening came a close second with Malaysia .  Thank you all for taking part; my terrible geography improved somewhat looking at all your interesting suggestions.  It is amazing how many countries have the same trees and plants.

Thailand is certainly a beautiful country with wonderful people. I hope to prepare a couple of blogs to share it with you.  The botanic gardens we visited were in Phuket and were very interesting, though not a lot of information to read other than the plant names.  We hired  a car for a couple of days and that was one of my priorities. The rest of the family ( my husband, son and daughter-in-law) were dragged an hour though traffic one morning for the visit – only to find that the day we had chosen was the one day in the week that they closed. So if you are in Phuket: DO NOT GO TO THE BOTANIC GARDENS ON A WEDNESDAY!  Well, I couldn’t not go as I didn’t really have a lot of other plants to blog about, so we all set out the next morning as well.  This time, thankfully, it was open and we got there nice and early to beat the coach tours.  It was very hot and humid, but we managed to spend a couple of hours snapping happily.  Well I did anyway – not sure the others quite shared my enthusiasm and were dreaming of the beautiful swimming pool back at the hotel.

Anyway, as I said, more to follow just as soon as I can make enough space on my groaning Mac to upload my photos.

Next blog though I intend to show you how my garden grew while I was away.  It was lovely to come back to all the spring flowers.


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