What a difference a ‘fortnight’ makes!

I never like leaving my garden for more than a few days  – I am always worried I will miss something or that I will come back to a jungle of weeds. So before we left for a fortnight’s holiday I prepared the garden as best I could.  The garden seemed to be progressing at an alarming rate for late March, so I staked the poppies and my fast-growing Geranium Psilostemon as well as propping up some rather tall narcissus in a pot so they didn’t fall over. I weeded all the beds and tied in the new clematis plants.  The garden centre advised it was too early to plant the summer bulbs – I was rather glad to hear that as I wouldn’t have had time anyway.  Mike gave the grass its first cut of the year and I dug up as many dandelions as I could so they wouldn’t seed everywhere while I was away.  Finally I took a set of photos so I could see what had changed while I had been gone. I was as ready as I could be to leave.

Just over a fortnight later we returned home; it was dark when we arrived so I had to wait until the next morning to see what had happened in my absence.

I woke at dawn in my excitement – well it was probably just the jet lag kicking in actually!

What a joy to see the garden again in all its spring colours.  OK, the Tête-à-Tête were ready for dead heading,  but everything else was just looking bigger and better than when I left.  The garden , and especially the pots on the patio, were full of yellows and purples.

I needn’t have worried either -there was not a dandelion in sight. Also,  I had seriously over-estimated how much growth even a geranium can put on in a fortnight in March.  Never mind the stakes will be ready for when it does take off.

So here are the pictures – this will be a rather late End of Month View  (hosted by Helen).   Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing the changes a fortnight makes in spring in my Aberdeen Garden.

Moving from the bottom of the garden to the top i.e. from right to left  along the herbaceous border. . . .

Please click on the gallery images to get a better view

This was before we left – garden still looking rather bleak.

This was when we came back – everything filling out a bit.

What a difference the forsythia makes to the bottom of the garden!

Forsythia in full bloom

Forsythia in full bloom

The most exciting change, though, was that my little plum tree was blossoming – just.

Plum tree blossom

Plum tree blossom

All over the garden the self seeded primroses were adding to the springlike atmosphere.

Primroses rockery

Primroses rockery

I unwrapped my Photinia Red Robin for a photo shoot and it was just as well I did because I found it was covered in greenfly.


Photinia with new red leaves

Photinia with new red leaves

It did have lots of lovely new red leaves although I noticed quite a few had dropped off.  I am hoping it isn’t Leaf Spot which this plant can be prone to.  Maybe I just need to admit that I have planted this shrub in the wrong place! It would prefer somewhere more sheltered I think. But for now it got a soapy bath and wrapped up again until the weather warms up a bit. Here’s hoping. . .

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12 thoughts on “What a difference a ‘fortnight’ makes!

  1. Coming back from holiday is wonderful, there is always so much to see,so much growth while away. You certainly prepared well before you went, all your pots are beautiful, so much springtime yellow and blue.

    • Thanks – the pots have excelled themselves this year with the great spring we have had and not terrible gales to flatten them – yet!
      By the way, I tried to ‘follow’ your site, but can’t find the button – or should I just subscribe by email?

    • I suppose a garden is a bit like children – if you don’t see them for a while they change a lot, but if you see them every day then you don’t notice any difference. It was lovely to see the garden again after being away.

  2. Coming back in the dark so you couldn’t see the garden? I might have gone out with a torch, I think! Glad the garden survived – perhaps they are a little easier to leave than in mid summer!

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