Orange tulips face the sun.

Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: Tulips from Amsterdam Aberdeen.

That is another month gone by; I can’t believe we are well into April already.
The stars of my garden this month have to be the tulips. Actually quite a few of them really are from Amsterdam. Mike does a lot of travelling for business and often passes through Amsterdam airport. It may not be the cheapest place to buy tulips, but the quality is great. I don’t know what they do differently either, but usually their tulips keep flowering year after year. I say that as I need a good excuse why I have so many tulips in my garden that I don’t know the name of. I only really started collecting labels a year ago so anything before that is a mystery variety. They are still beautiful though.

The orange tulips (above) have been in for a couple of years and I am disappointed to say I have no idea what they are. They are as beautiful as ever this second year. They were planted  at the edge of the patio in a south facing bed.

Close up of orange tulip

Close up of orange tulip

Have a look at the tulip bottom right. This tulip is neither wilting nor damaged – it grew like that last year too. We call it ‘Christopher’ after our eldest son. Christopher was and still is someone who would never follow the crowd!

orange tulip with Chirs

Growing nearby on the patio is a pot of white/cream tulips called Mount Tacoma.  This is the first year I have grown them and they are really beautiful with such an interesting flower head.   They were supposed to be fragrant though and I can’t detect anything.

Pot of tulips - Mount Tacoma

Pot of tulips – Mount Tacoma

I did plant them with another tulip, Jackpot, that was supposed to flower at the same time, but it hasn’t even got flower heads yet! I also thought to underplant with maroon pansies, but as you can see only one is peeking out – the rest got rather swamped by tulip leaves!

Mount Tacoma close up

Mount Tacoma close up

mount tacoma 1

Mount Tacoma closeup

These little red and white  tulips are in the herbaceous border.

Short red and yellow tulip

Short red and yellow tulip

The narcissus have also been wonderful this spring.  Thankfully, we didn’t have strong winds too early on to flatten them.

This one is called Falconet – it has a wonderful scent.

narcissus Falconet pot

Pot of Falconet narcissus

Pot of Falconet narcissus

Mind you, they did a little more than it says on the tin. The packet says the height is 35cm. These reached 46cm and some I have in a bigger pot actually reached 73cm!  I wonder if they are like tadpoles – the bigger container you put them in, the bigger they grow.  So, yes, you do need to stake these, especially if it is windy.

The violas in the blue pot just get better and better…..

Pot of violas

Pot of violas

Elsewhere in the garden the fritillarias are fully out. I am not sure whether I really like these, especially if they are not planted with contrasting white ones, but I have to admit they are very photogenic.



Single fritillaria

Single fritillaria

In the herbaceous border, the muscari are looking their best



The japonica growing on the back wall of the house is fully out.  There is a sprig that peeps round our bedroom window (downstairs). It is lovely to see when we open the curtains.

Japonica branch

Japonica branch

The berberis is almost out.  The orange buds look wonderful.

Berberis buds

Berberis buds

And finally we’ll finish with our native primrose: primula vulgaris. It is difficult to beat its simple beauty.

Clump of primula vulgaris

Clump of primula vulgaris

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Garden who hosts this meme on the 15th of every month; why not visit her site to see how other gardens are blooming today.

Next Garden Update: :Bees’ B and B.





22 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day: Tulips from Amsterdam Aberdeen.

  1. What a joy and a pleasure again Annette your tulips are beautiful.

    We have a thread going for tulips if you care to add on T.

    My hubby been through these Airports many times to on business but now away to retire.

    • Thanks Scotcat. I am not sure how much longer my husband will be working either, but Amsterdam is a good hub airport for lots of travelling so we are likely to go through there ourselves.

  2. Beautiful flowers Annette! I love the Mount Tacoma’s ! My husband goes through the Amsterdam Airport frequently too! I’ll have to tell him about the tulips! He’ll roll his eyes i’m sure!

    • Thanks – I was pleasantly surprised with the Mount Tacomas too – they are much nicer that the picture on the packet. I think I got them here, so your husband won’t have to roll any eyes!

  3. What a fantastically wonderful splash of colour you have in your garden, spring has certainly arrived. Your fritillaries are looking lovely, mine are now almost over- shame! You have made me realise that I must try more tulips in pots in future.

    • Thanks so much Pauline. Yes spring has certainly sprung here now. I just wish I had bought white fritillaries along with the snakeshead ones. They get a bit lost in the garden. I can’t seem to find white ones on their own to add to them. Pots are great for tulips; so long at your remember what you have put in them!

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    • I have heard a few people saying that. What a shame. I wonder if the plant breeders could develop fritillaries with spikes on their stems. I lost most of a delphinium to them too – they left me one stalk. I even went out the other night to try and find the creature, but they were all hiding.

      • I like the idea of a spiky Fritillary. I’ve stopped growing Delphiniums as they get decimated by the slugs and snails that life in our dry stone walls. Instead I have Larkspur as they aren’t touched by molluscs and provide a similar role in the borders

        • Thanks, Larkspur is a really good idea. I got really excited as last year the slugs left some new Delphiniums alone. The first time I have been able to grow them. This year though they have eaten most of one of them. Do I replace it? Need to find those snails first. . . .

  5. I really like the fritillaries, although white ones do give the patch a bit of a lift. Love that white tulip, Mount Tacoma, too. Hope you’re getting some of this gorgeous Spring weather!

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