Warning – do not adjust your screen!

This is both a warning and a plea for help. I am currently on day 2 of the WordPress 201 challenge and wishing I had gone for the 101!

So the warning is that you might notice changes to my blog’s design. These may or may not be permanent depending on whether I know how to undo them.

The plea for help is actually for any suggestions you have as to how I can improve the design/branding of my blog. Well I know it doesn’t really have much of a brand at the moment, but it might get one soon.

I can’t promise I will act on all your suggestions as I am notoriously bad at wanting to do things my way (just ask my husband!), but I promise I will read and seriously consider any  comments you make.



15 thoughts on “Warning – do not adjust your screen!

        • Thanks – I am wondering about incorporating ‘Poppies’ in the title as that is my gravatar photo and my only real bit of branding so far. Poppies and Peonies? (though I don’t have any peonies yet!) or something that shows the area I garden such as a play on Northern Lights. But I also like my name in the title – Annette. I am getting there, but all suggestions welcome.

          • I like the alliteration of poppies and peonies. That’s how I came up with Chittle Chattle (another blog and previously my main one). I know my name is difficult for most people – but that’s what I’ve got, so I’m stuck with it, 😆

  1. Hi Annette – when I first looked up your blog it wasn’t clear which the newest post was as I was expecting it to be the ‘home’ page although now I have email alerts it goes straight to it. For me your homepage is a bit busy – if that helps!

    • That is interesting – thanks Cathy. I will give that some thought. The way the twenty fourteen theme works is a bit complicated with the featured posts creating a magazine style home page. I do need to look at how people navigate to my posts in general as I have sometimes found it difficult to get back to an older post myself.

  2. It is rather presumptuous for me to comment about your design on my first visit, so forgive the boldness and I hope you’ll find the comments constructive.
    Side bar on the right makes for easier reading
    If you want a “distinctive brand” you need a bolder header placed above the menu bar. Use either a distinctive type face or logo/photograph to help reinforce your design.
    Your title is fine it explains exactly what your blog is about.
    First rule of website design is keep it simple e.g. not sure what the calendar is for – either tell us or dump it.
    I also agree with Cathy on the newest post being pushed down the page after the links.
    However, the most important thing is that you’re happy with it, after all it’s your site.
    Great content is all that counts. So keep experimenting your readers will go with you.
    PS please feel free to comment on my site design.

    • Not presumptuous at all, I did ask and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I can easily try changing the side bar and will look at a header bar, probably text to start with.
      The calendar is for archived blogs, but I need to look at that whole area and maybe make a category menu as well.
      Not sure what to do about the newest post being down the page. The problem is that the magazine style displays blogs you tag as featured at the top of the page using the featured image of the blog as the link. So if you don’t set a featured image then you just get text which looks bad. Not all blogs lend themselves to featured image so I don’t set those as featured posts and they are then displayed lower down the page. I suppose I told myself that the important blogs that I want people to read would always be at the top and the bits and pieces would be lower down, but if it is confusing people then I will need to give it some thought. Thanks again for visiting – I will have a look at your site too.

    • Hi Croftgarden, I tried moving the sidebar, but the template doesn’t really allow it. I can create an extra sidebar on the right, but the one on the left is there to stay so I might as well fill it. Thanks for suggestion though.

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