Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters of love

This beech tree has been in our front garden since we moved in over 25 years ago now.

How I wish I had photographed this tree then, as the letters are now getting difficult to read.

I suddenly want to know who these people were that wrote on our tree.

How old were they?
Where did they live?
What did they do?

And most importantly:
Did they get married?

Beech tree with letters of love

Beech tree with letters of love

You can see the year quite clearly as 1912 so I guess my starting point will be to look at who lived in the area at the time and who was the right sort of age to be writing love letters on our tree.

What do you think it says?

Could it be


Any other ideas? All suggestions very welcome.

Meanwhile I think I have quite a bit of digging to do.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters of love

  1. A great challenge to try and find out – I was so pleased to have been able to work out who lived in our house from the first census in 1841 up to 1911 and we roughly know since then. And your post has given me the idea of carving our initials on one of our trees – should have done it when we first put them in though….

    • The census would be a good place to start – thanks for that. I would hate to be responsible for you damaging your trees, but I guess people used to do it all the time and our tree seems none the worse for it. I do like the idea of people finding them later on.

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