New Leaves

This month has seen the biggest change in my copper beech tree:

Here are the buds on 19th April,  just about to burst……

Beech leaf buds 19th April

Beech leaf buds 19th April

A chaffinch sings amongst the branches

Chaffinch sings in beech tree

Chaffinch sings in beech tree

Then  five days later I noticed the first buds had burst.

First buds open

First buds open

What is more, I noticed for the first time that my beech tree has flowers! Well I knew that trees had flowers, of course, as The Traveller gets very sneezy when the tree pollen is around, but I had never actually noticed them on my tree before.

beech tree flowers

copper beech flowers

From then on I can’t tell you how many photographs I have taken. The late afternoon sun shines on the tree and creates the most amazing colours shining through the new leaves.

new beech leaves in May

new copper beech leaves in May

new beech leaves in May

new copper beech leaves

The new leaves are so soft and velvety with downy hair round the edges.

In the space of a fortnight the tree has become transformed:

Beech tree in new leaf

Beech tree in new leaf

Before I go though,  I have a confession: I think I may have been blaming the wrong tree for the forest of saplings mentioned in my previous post.

I was convinced they were beech saplings as the garden was covered in beech nuts, but now the saplings have their proper leaves, I have to say that they don’t look much like beech leaves.  Mind you they don’t really look like sycamore leaves either, which is the only other likely culprit.

sapling with new leaves

sapling with new leaves

I think I will have to grow one on a bit to see how it develops, but my money is now on the sycamore rather than the beech.  The Traveller suggested they could be peanut trees, growing from the nuts that the squirrel has buried all over the garden! Does anyone have any better ideas?

Thanks to Lucy at LooseAndLeafy for hosting this great meme – there are lots of other ‘tree followers’ listed on her site.



28 thoughts on “New Leaves

  1. Some very lovely photos (the first to took my breath away!) of an incredibly beautiful tree. The seedling – I don’t know what it might be but it doesn’t strike me as a sycamore – if you plant it in a pot maybe you’re already set up for next year’s Tree Following!

    • Thanks Lucy. Yes, we are very lucky to have it at the bottom of the garden. At this time of the year it has to be the most photographed tree in Aberdeen!

  2. Hi Annette – such lovely post – fabulous photos. I love this meme for making us stop and look at trees and how they develop, in a way we may not have previously.

    • Hi Tim. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes the beech flowers are really pretty, I can’t believe I never noticed them before. I hope I am able to identify the sapling before too long as I have so many in the garden.

  3. What gorgeous photos. A copper beech takes a lot of beating for the delicacy and colour of the spring leaves. Absolutely lovely, what a fabulous tree.

    • Thanks Chloris. I got some good photos a few years ago, but last year the leaves we’re not good, I suppose because of the really cold spring. I was so happy to see the great colours again this year. There is only a small window to take photos when the leaves are new, the sun is in the right place and it is not too windy. It is really worth it when the conditions are right though.

  4. That’s a beautiful specimen Annette – Have no idea what your seedlings are but I’d have said it wasn’t sycamore. I’m not terribly good at trees but have seen enough sycamore seedlings to put my tuppence worth in! If you don’t want to bring on one of those seedlings, wait til it’s a bit bigger and I’ll give it a go for you!

    • Janet doesn’t think they are sycamore either so that is good. I will let one or two grow on until I can see what they are. I may put some in pots too to pass on to my friend who can replant them. Thanks for offer though.

  5. Beautiful, I took a load of photos of my copper beech and its unfurling leaves today, almost wished it was the tree I was following they were so beautiful. I’m pretty sure those aren’t sycamore seedlings, we get hundreds of the wretched things in our garden, thanks to the 5 – yes count them, 5 – large trees in neighboring gardens. They are consequently one of the few tree seedlings I feel comfortable identifying!

    • The copper beech leaves are amazing,aren’t they. I am so glad to hear they aren’t sycamore saplings. We do have an elm and an ok too,though they don’t look like oak leaves. I have no idea what elm seeds look like so they could be them. There are just so many which would tie in with the number of beech nuts. Maybe someone will know.

    • Hi Hollis, Thanks for reading about my tree; I just popped over to look at yours too -interesting to read about your cottonwood tree. Sorry for the delay in approving, but your comment got marked as spam. I have no idea why.

    • Hi Laura, Thanks for visiting my blog. I had never looked at the copper beech like that, but you are absolutely right – it does have autumnal colours in Spring, especially when the light shines through the new leaves.

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