In a vase in a fireplace on a Monday

Apologies for posting this about 3 weeks after arranging the vase!

It all started as I was tidying the garden ready to leave it for 2 weeks. I decided to prune the Erysimums right back – well I wouldn’t be there to admire the flowers and I thought it would encourage more flowers later as well as stopping it getting leggy.  I didn’t want to throw away perfectly good flowers so Cathy’s Vase on a Monday came to mind.  I had the photos done and the flowers identified with all good intentions of posting while away. . . . . you know the rest!

So here we are a good three weeks later and I am going to post anyway – I hope you will forgive me? Oh, by the way, the fireplace was the only place tidy enough in the house to put the vase – not related in any way to Cathy’s entry a couple of week’s ago – honest!

vase in a fireplace

vase in a fireplace

vase in a fireplace

vase in a fireplace


The plants I have used are Erysimum Bowles Mauve, Erysimum Apricot Twist, Armeria Joystick white and an unknown blue geranium   that I have had forever.  Could it be Johnson’s Blue? I know it is a variety that doesn’t come again if you cut it back.  I got very excited one year when I read that you could do that, but alas – lots of new leaves, but no more flowers. The spikey leaves are Montbretia.

It did get me thinking about another fireplace arrangement once the crocosmia is out. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a really fiery arrangement? I hope I have enough blooms to spare a few.

I am also going to post a few shots of another vase that I attempted last week. It didn’t work very well, but I think the idea was good and given more time I might have got it right.  Again I was trimming back the old poppy heads to tidy the garden when we got back and I again thought of a vase to show them off. I picked a light coloured leaf from the Fatsia Japonica thinking it would look wonderful with the light shining through it.  I added some bright Geranium Psilostemon and sacrificed a couple of my lovely pink foxgloves to complete the arrangement. I had to find somewhere to put it so the light would shine through and just about balanced it on our very narrow kitchen windowsill.

Windowsill vase

Windowsill vase

vase window 3

I asked The Traveller what he thought of this latest creation and his only comment was: “It’s very purple!”  Not impressed then, but I decided to post it anyway.

Sorry for these rushed entries, Cathy, but you did say plonked in a vase was OK. You put me to shame with your wonderful arrangements, placed against carefully thought out backgrounds and even accessorised – oh and usually with great titles too.  But at least you have got me thinking along the right lines!!!

Why not pop along to Rambling in the Garden to view some other entries for this week’s Vase on a Monday.





Armeria Joystick white

17 thoughts on “In a vase in a fireplace on a Monday

  1. They are both lovely. I particularly like the orange and blue, purple combination. I’ m going to look out for Erysimum Apricot Twist. I have Bowles Mauve and I love it, so easy from cuttings too.

    • Thanks Chloris – I will try to do some more, but don’t have a lot of spare flowers. I have never tried taking cuttings of Erysimum – that would be a good idea. I don’t think Apricot Twist is such a prolific flowerer as Bowle’s Mauve, but still good. There is a good yellow one too. They are such useful plants.

  2. Oh Annette – no apologies are needed for anything! 😉 The meme originated to kickstart myself into picking from the garden each week, and if that was all that was achieved I would have been happy – but as it turns out it has encouraged others to do the same, and here you are with your vase. It’s the doing of it that fits the bill, and you have done it – and done it with great aplomb, regardless of what you might think! That Apricot Twist is stunning – is it really that orange? And I was pleased to see the armeria – I have some A ‘Bees Hybrids grown from seed but I don’t think they will flower this year. I hope the blooms are as big as yours! The fireplace is a great location for the vase, if the light is right – light for the photos being the hardest part each week! Having lots of ‘things’ in our house limits the finished location once the photos are taken and invariably is the kitchen table, which does at least ensure I see it often! Thanks so much for joining – you will enjoy it more each week, if you choose to post regularly that is 🙂

    • Thanks ScotKat. It is a start – I hope I have enough spare blooms to do some more. I do have a tendency to grow too many individual plants as I like them rather than swathes of the same thing as we are supposed to. Hence not many spare blooms of any one thing.

  3. Your Erysimum vase is very pretty – I’ve grown the lavender variety but never the orange ones, which now I think I’ll have to try. I also like your impromptu arrangement with the foxglove and the Fatsia – the light shining through the leaf is beautiful.

    • Thank you so much. I never seem to have time to do things properly, which is very odd as I just retired. However I enjoyed the vase for about a week before it dropped all over the sideboard! You can get a lovely yellow Erysimum too. I tried to buy some the other day though to fill in my gaps and not an Erysimum to be seen anywhere – you must have to get them earlier in the year.

    • Thanks so much for your comments. I think I will be doing more arranging – I can see it can be quite addictive. The red crocosmia is just showing buds now so won’t be too long. The orange one is always later, but I have more of it for cutting.

  4. Snap, we both have ‘fire hearth’ designs this week although yours is decidedly more orange. I was thinking of using a Fatsia leaf in my arrangement too. but opted in the end for a couple of large Canna leaves.

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