In a vase on a Monday: Snowie

You may think this is a strange topic for a summer vase, but let me explain…..

vase snowy rocks

I created this vase, well basket, a few day ago on the 8th August to remember my mother-in-law, Snowie, on her birthday. Snowie, of course, was not her real name, but a nickname given to her by her husband when they were courting; Something to do with a shovel full of snow being tipped on her head, I believe!  She always hated her real name, and I won’t risk her wrath by telling you,  so the name Snowie was adopted by all her close friends. To me and our friends she was just known as Mike’s Mum, and later Nan and then on the birth of our granddaughter,  Grand Nan!

So the theme of the vase was snow – not too difficult as I did have some white flowers in the garden. I also wanted to incorporate some pink roses from a bush that was given to us in her memory, from one of her carers.

I decided to make the vase along the lines of the ‘flower gardens’ that my mum taught me how to make as a child.  These were made by filling a saucer or small plate with moss, putting some feathery foliage around to edge to soften it and then stuffing as many small flowers into the moss as you could.  I used to love making these and maybe that is where my interest in gardening actually started.

I wanted something a little bigger than a saucer so I put a small dish into a basket and filled it with old pieces of oasis.


I then put some greenery around the edge  – mostly hebe ‘Summers Frost’ as it was a lovely dark green and its name was quite fitting too.

I then used the summer bedding plant Centaurea cineraria as a silvery backdrop for the flowers.

Along with a couple of pink rosebuds, I added the following flowers:

White sweet pea -‘Norman Wisdom’
Perennial sweet pea –  Lathyrus latifolius
Perennial wallflower – Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’
White coriander flowers
White lobelia
Veronica spikata ‘Red Fox’
Verbena bonariensis
Pink cosmos

I then placed the basket on the white stones or our Japanese garden with some green bamboo in the background.

Snowy vase

vase snowy

The basket has now been brought indoors and the rosebuds have opened.

vase rose


vase rose 2

I think Snowie would have been happy with it.

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18 thoughts on “In a vase on a Monday: Snowie

  1. Oh Annette, what a lovely way to remember Snowie! The basket is delightful, and I too used to enjoy making miniature gardens like you describe. I also used to spend my pocket money on Britain’s garden bits and pieces – do you remember them? My Mum actually has the lead version, which I was occasionally allowed to play with under supervision. Ah, memories…. thanks for sharing, and for joining the meme today

    • It sounds as if there were quite a few of us gardeners that did – maybe that is what got us all interested?
      Thank you. She was a lovely lady who lived with us for the last 3 years of her life, so it gave us a chance to get to know her properly. She was the most amazing grandmother to my children as she had an incredible imagination.

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