Wordless Wednesday: Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Updated.

what is this 2


Might turn out to be a bit wordy for Wordless Wednesday , but can you guess exactly what this is in 20 questions?  Only one at a time please and remember, I can only answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ so word your questions carefully. Family and friends who have prior knowledge of my photographs are not allowed to enter!!


There have been some really good guesses, but people are now getting on the wrong track.

The following comments should really help you.

Bittster says

heh heh, nice post! I think I know what it is, I started one from seed this winter and it’s a favorite. Needs LOTS of water though


The water is a real clue…..

Scotcat says

Does this grow in the ground or a pot?

I answered that I saw them in the ground rather than a pot, but this may have been a bit misleading – see above.

Liz says

Is it a fruit/seed?

I said YES, but there were two possibilities to this question – you are all concentrating on the wrong one.

That is all the clues for now…….happy guessing.




40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Animal, Vegetable or Mineral? Updated.

    • I think I am supposed to tell you whether it is animal, vegetable or mineral at the start. It is vegetable – that is not to say it is actually a vegetable necessarily, but it is something living that is not an animal. Now you need to ask more questions to narrow it down.

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