Animal,vegetable or mineral: the answer

This was the puzzle..

what is this 2

Here is a bit more….

Animal, vegetable or mineral

Animal, vegetable or mineral?

Does this help?


How about this?

Seed head

Seed head

And here is the beautiful flower that it came from – seen in Korakuen garden, Okayama,  Japan.

Lotus flower

Lotus flower

Yes, it was the seed head of a Lotus Flower.

Sorry – it was a bit of a tough one, but congratulations to Bittster from ‘sorta like suburbia‘ who got it from the start as she has actually grown one from seed!!

I never cease to be amazed at the detail you can see when you photograph in macro and then magnify even further digitally. The result bears very little resemblance to what you actually see with only your eyes.

Twenty questions over the internet is also a bit tough as you are only supposed to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when you want to say ‘Well sort of’ or ‘It depends’!  Anyway – thanks to those of you who joined in – I hope you had fun guessing.


4 thoughts on “Animal,vegetable or mineral: the answer

  1. I don’t think I’d have gotten it from the 1st photo (which looks like a space alien or something you’d see under a microscope to me) but the 2nd photo made it easier. I haven’t grown lotus myself but I’ve seen them in a pond in Santa Barbara and the dried seed pods are sometimes used locally in flower arrangements here. Great puzzle!

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