In a vase on a Monday: Flaming – er – August?

I had promised myself some time ago that I would create a ‘flaming’ vase for my fireplace when the crocosmia was out.

I almost left it too late. . . .

But not quite.

orange flowers wood and petals

I rescued the last of the crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ and sacrificed the only bloom from my orange crocosmia too -it was looking rather lonely anyway.  I usually have loads and loads of orange crocosmia, but have been putting off splitting it  for a few years now.  This year is the first in about twenty that it hasn’t flowered.  That’ll teach me.

The helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’ was also past its best so I didn’t mind picking it. Even though it was rather a case of more cone than flower, it did add a nice colour to the vase.

orange vase 3

The gaillardia ‘Goblin’ added some fiery colours at the front of the vase, not having very long stems, as did the bright red geraniums.

flowers wood and quartz

Flowers, wood and quartz

More orange colour was added using montbretia, and the climbing  nasturtium ‘Ladybird’. If you like nasturtiums this is a great one to grow as it is so bright and also seeds itself every year.

Yellow colour was added with inula and rudbeckia.

Inula, rudbeckia and nasturtiums

Inula, rudbeckia and nasturtiums

The background greenery was provided by berries of a self sown hypericum, a big clump of euphorbia, some variegated eleagnus and some spikey leaves from an iris that I felt should make itself useful since it hadn’t flowered at all.  I also included a couple of orangy fronds from my favourite fern -Dryopteris (Japanese Shield fern).

I decided to use my largest vase, some cut glass from Mdina, Malta and once I had enough stems in the vase it all came together very easily. I did wonder about the wisdom of cutting euphorbia on my kitchen worktop, but I gave it a good spray with disinfectant afterwards!

I placed the vase in the fireplace and used a piece of petrified wood to accompany it. This was something The Traveller had found in the Libyan desert back around 1980. (Yes he was travelling back then too!) I also tried some quartz candle holders for some of the photos and some yellow petals from a lovely single dahlia flower that hadn’t lasted the preparation.

pet wood

The vase was not quite a fiery red as I had envisioned earlier, but I was very pleased with the result. The fireplace looks so bright and cheery now and the flowers look even better together in the vase than they did in the garden.

Fiery flower arrangement in fireplace

Fiery flower arrangement in fireplace

Thanks again to Cathy from Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme. Without it I would never have had such a nice time this afternoon.



21 thoughts on “In a vase on a Monday: Flaming – er – August?

    • Thanks so much. I love crocosmia too, especially the red one which really makes a splash in the garden. I wonder why you can’t grow them – have you tried in different places in the garden?

    • An idea I have had since I last used the fireplace as a backdrop to a very non-fiery arrangement. I just caught some of them in time, though. Thanks so much for your comments.

  1. That really is stunning, Annette – you must be so pleased with it! The selection of flowers you have used work together really well – I realise I shy away (well, so far!) from larger vases but this shows how easily it can be done, but then makes me wonder if I would sufficient content. I will look out for that nasturtium – have you used whole trailing stems as the vase makes them look really tall? My crocosmia have been very poor this year but I have no idea why 😦

    • Thanks so much, Cathy. Yes I used quite long trailing stems of the nasturtium. This variety really puts out long shoots – it is amazing what can grow from one small seed. What a shame about your crocosmia – I wonder if they have the same problem as my orange ones? Could they need dividing too?

  2. What gorgeous colours and a really stunning arrangement Annette.
    I like Lucifer too and have you come across Crocosmia Hellfire? I think it is even lovelier with flowers like deep red velvet.
    I love the piece of petrified wood too.

    • Thanks Chloris. No I haven’t come across Hellfire. I have just looked it up, but all the images are different reds!!
      I will certainly look out for it though. The wood is quite amazing – it is so heavy.

  3. Nice fiery arrangement! The mix of blooms and greens and a few berries really all come together. I do like that nasturtium, I never have luck with any of them but that one makes me want to try again 🙂

    • Thank you. Nasturtiums can be tricky – no idea why as they are often sold for children to grow. They are supposed to like poor soil too, but I can no longer grow them in a dry windy position where they used to thrive and self seed every year. Now they just about grow a few leaves and that is it despite careful watering. My in-laws used to try to grow them and they made lots of leaves and no flowers, but I think that is soil that is too rich. This Ladybird variety does grow well where I have it; it really spreads up the wall and shrubs.

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