Nakamanda tree

Weekly Photo Challenge:silhouette

Nakamanda tree

Nakamanda tree

This is the famous tree outside the Nakamanda hotel in Krabi, Thailand, where we were lucky enough to spend a week earlier this year.  This tree features a lot in their advertising as it is often surrounded by sea and seems to cope very well. I have not managed to find out what type of tree it is yet, but will keep posting pictures of it until someone can tell me!  We had a bit of a family competition during the week to see who could take the best and most original photo of the tree. It was very photogenic, especially at sunset.

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge:silhouette

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    • I could write a lot but it doesn’t really fit into a gardening blog. I have been toying with the idea of starting a second blog for all our travels and general photography.
      Maybe this winter. I will, however, be doing a post on the Phuket botanical gardens some time before too long for my gardening blog. You should try to go – it is magical. Let me know if you are ever thinking about it and we can give you some tips.

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