In a Vase on a Monday: Midnight Express

vase dark sweet pea

As this seems to be the week for cheating I am going to use a vase I created last week!!

vase dark sweet pea close

I had gone into the garden to pick my fiery vase when I noticed how many of my mixed scented sweet peas were a wonderful dark purple. They also needed picking to encourage more blooms, so what could I do but create a second vase? The vase was very quick to create, but unfortunately I ran out of time to publish it last week, so here we are and, can you believe it, still a day late!

I soon found some other flowers to go with the dark sweet peas (Old Spice Mixed): the geranium Rozanne and some verbena bonariensis, complemented by the white sweet pea (Norman Wisdom) and some white spires of physostegia ‘Snow Queen’.

geranium Rozanne

geranium Rozanne

The leaves of the persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ made a lovely surround for the flowers.

I found a red cushion cover and a dark maroon and black wrap to act as a background to create a lovely dark image.

vase dark peas top

However that wasn’t very practical, so once the photos were taken I put it on our mantlepiece above the fireplace and found it looked just as good.

vase dark with figure


The little figure is one that my son’s Japanese mother-in-law gave me last time we were in Japan. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Japanese figure

I then added another vase of Italian marble and was amazed how the colours tied in with a painting we already had above the fireplace.

vase dark on mantle

Thanks again Cathy for giving my such an enjoyable time playing with flowers from the garden. To see other vases created this week have a look at Rambling in the Garden.

12 thoughts on “In a Vase on a Monday: Midnight Express

  1. The sweetpeas are beautiful. This meme does have us all picking flowers like crazy from our gardens doesn’t it? Not sure how I manages without flowers in the house all the time before! The dark moody colours are all perfect together and I love your Japanese figure.

  2. Isn’t it intriguing to see the effect of the different backgrounds? As others have said, the richness of colours in the first photos are reminiscent of an earlier period, but perhaps more mediaeval than Tudor. Good idea to use fabric for a background – I shall have to remember that. The Old Spice sweet peas and Red Dragon look brilliant together, don’t they? Thanks for joining in – it’s great to share all these ideas 🙂

  3. I really like that dark look. I don’t think it would fit anywhere in my house but the dark velvety look seems perfect for a late night brandy in a smoking jacket. Hmmm, I’m not even sure what a smoking jacket is, but I feel like I need one now!
    Nice colors 🙂

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