GBFD: The Foggy Foggy Dew

On the 22nd of each month Christina invites us to contribute to Garden Bloggers Foliage day. Although the flowers are usually the most stunning, it is the foliage that provides the backdrop to show them off to their best. Also, much of the foliage remains for 12 months of the year, so it is a very important part of our gardens.

I don’t manage to join in every month, but last week we had some very damp weather. The fog came down and stayed around for several days. This gave us the opportunity for some wonderful foliage photographs.  It is not quite a stunning as a winter frost, but the little drops of water really showed off some of the leaves in the garden.

Please click on the gallery to view the images at their best and to see the captions.

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14 thoughts on “GBFD: The Foggy Foggy Dew

    • The haars are awful – you are in the middle of a beautiful sunny day and you see the grey starting on the horizon. Before you know it you are in the middle of it and you know full well that a few miles inland it is still a beautiful sunny day. Very frustrating. Not been so bad this year though all in all.

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