Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Pastel through the seasons

Hmm I think I peaked too soon with these challenges! Yellow was a very easy colour for a garden photographer. Pastel less so, but I have managed to find a few photos for this challenge. I hope you enjoy them.

Spring and Autumn seem to be the best time for pastels in my garden.


One of my favourite spring flowers – the native primrose.

Native primrose

Native primrose with native dandelion!

And a beautiful tulip.

Mount Tacoma close up

Mount Tacoma


Japanese anemone turns from the sun

Japanese anemone turns from the sun – unusual

These Japanese anemones grow at the bottom of my garden – a place that gets little sun and where I find difficult to grow flowers. These were purchased from a bargain bench and I didn’t know what they were; only that they needed rescuing. They are a bit of a rogue in that the more you try to dig them out the more the roots break and they flourish. They do provide a wonderful late summer flower and the flowers are so delicate and beautiful to photograph. This one flower was unusual in that it was facing away from the sun unlike its neighbours, giving me some great photo opportunities.

Japanese anemone

Japanese anemone


You always think of Autumn leaves to be quite bright colours and indeed many of them are, but there are also some lovely subtle pastel shades.

Woodland fern

Woodland fern

Climbing hydrangea turns a beautiful pale yellow

Climbing hydrangea turns a beautiful pale yellow

This climbing hydrangea grows at the front of our house which is West facing.  So as well as lack of sun it also has to contend with roots from large trees. Despite that it produces lovely green leaves during the summer which turn a lovely pale yellow for about a week before falling. You have to be quick to get the photo.

I will finish with a lovely sunset sky behind our silver birch.

Pastel sky

Pastel sky

Thanks to Cee for hosting this challenge. Why not pop along to Cee’s Photography to see the other entries.

17 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Pastel through the seasons

  1. The leaves on your climbing hydrangea are a gorgeous colour – I have just cut mine well back, or at least the lower branches, as it was spreading outwards rather than upwards. I have to admit I didn’t notice what colour the leaves were when I was doing it!

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