In a vase on a Monday: A glass of purple stuff

I only have a few plants left in the garden with enough flowers for a vase – this vase is made up mostly of purple erysimums.

purple vase

Earlier in the year I would have chopped these long stalks to encourage more growth, but I am afraid to now in case that is it. Also this plant is the one the butterflies really like so just in case there is the odd one still fluttering about I have left it to get very leggy.

purple vase 2

Added to the erysimums are some white annual nemesia and some white-tipped French lavender. The lavender, new in last Autumn flowered so late that I didn’t think it was going to bother. Then when it did flower I could hardly see the white flowers against the white pebbledash wall. I think I will have to find a new home for it.

Some greenery was added using a blue/green evergreen fir tree that started off as a dwarf, but is now a good 10 feet, some hypericum buds and  some rosemary.

purple vase 3

Finally some red stems of dogwood and some seedheads of crocosmia, origano and spirea. I usually cut off the pink spirea flowers as they clash with the yellow foliage, but this year I didn’t get round to it. I’m quite glad now as it is rather pretty and will look even better covered in frost.

Oh the vase – it was simply a large water glass as it was all that I had just the right size. It was cunningly disguised with a brown silky wrap.

purple vase 4

I do enjoy taking part in this meme, but find some aspects of it quite challenging.  Growing and picking the flowers is easy, well in the summer anyway; arranging the flowers is not too bad either,  but when it comes to the photography it gets a bit trickier. None of it compares, though, with the trouble I have thinking of a title for the post!  This week I resorted to typing things into Google looking for inspiration. I tried purple and glass, glass and seeds and finally purple and seeds When I was presented with a list of cannabist stockists I quickly closed that window and moved on!!!

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20 thoughts on “In a vase on a Monday: A glass of purple stuff

  1. The silk idea around the vase is a good one, as I don’t seem to have many small vases and that’s what I’m going to need as flowers run short jam jars etc will come into play and I’ll need to disguise them. Just that little spark of white really brings the arrangement to life. You are very good trying to think of good titles I’m afraid it is beyond me!

  2. Beautiful Annette. I really like your purple erysimums and I especially like that first image. I agree it’s difficult to photograph these vases and coming up with a name that’s appropriate can be trying, but you succeeded.

  3. I love your vase and the title.
    It looks very sumptuous in its nest of silk. Erysimum Bowles Mauve is lovely and goes on and on flowering. I’ ve just been looking at another gorgeous Erysimum on Janet’ s blog , Plantaliscious. It is called Winter Orchid. Have you seen it? Another plant for the wish list!

  4. I read to the bottom of your post and you made me laugh out loud. I find the tidying up before taking a photograph to be quite challenging! I’ve built up to putting 3 things in a jug, you are leaps ahead of me and your bouquet is really lovely.

  5. I keep meaning to look out fabric for backgrounds Annette – but haven’t got round to it yet! AND I need to inspect my Bowles Mauve because I haven’t thought of using them in a vase – yours look brilliant and you have some great additions. I love the look of the crocosmia seedheads – I used them last year but had so few flowers this year that I don’t think I had any seedheads. Re photographs – I did start looking for an appropriate book but really I need to make time to experiment and just use my camera better. It is certainly easier to get better photos in natural light so wet winter days don’t bode well!

    • Thanks Cathy – I am sure I am not using fabric to its best, but it does help disguise a very boring vase. I keep meaning to look out for more vases in charity shops and then I forget until I need one. I have never thought about crocosmia seedlings before but it is amazing what you find when you are stuck!

  6. Cathy is so clever with the titles of her posts but I always struggle with those too. I love the “purple stuff” you selected. I always miss the seedheads and the like in my own arrangements.

  7. I was half expecting a glass of ribena Annette 😉 What a lovely wee display. Personally, I don’t cut flowers to bring into the house but can well imagine how difficult it must be at this time of the year in Scotland.

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