Milestones and New Starts

Time to Take Stock. . .

I have made it to 100 followers and 100 posts!

Thank you all so much for your support!
I first set out to write my blog,  back in January 2014, more for a record of my garden than for any other reason.  I had little idea how much I would enjoy becoming part of a garden bloggers’ community.

What has totally amazed me is the number of different countries that visit my blog. In the WordPress Reader statistics you can see a flag for every country that has ever clicked on you blog. I have been visited by 67 countries and my geography has improved no end.

In order of decreasing views

United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Latvia, New Zealand, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus, Sweden, Chile, Belgium, Norway, South Africa, India, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Vietnam, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Antigua and Barbuda, Russian Federation, Argentina, Malaysia, Guernsey, Réunion, Philippines, Taiwan, Greece, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Singapore, Brazil, Hungary, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Isle of Man, Jersey, Thailand, Bangladesh, Slovakia, Portugal, Serbia, Malta, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Peru, Nepal, Angola, Ukraine, Kenya, Estonia, Croatia. 

I would love to know who you all are. If you don’t want to comment directly on my blog then why not drop me an email. (See contact link above). Your anonymity will be safe.

My family has relatives in both Japan and Canada; at the moment the race is on to see who will be in third place at my one year anniversary. They are pretty close at the moment.

I don’t want to single individuals out, but there are a group of fellow gardening bloggers ( or are they blogging gardeners? ) who have supported me from the early days and who always manage to comment on my posts.  I would just like to say a special THANK YOU; I really appreciate your friendship and support.

I recently did a survey, as part of a WordPress course, that many of you took part in.   The results showed the following:

  • You are more interested in reading about my garden than about other gardens I visit, but there was still sufficient interest in these to continue occasionally.
  • Most of you would like to hear from me several times a week, which is good as that is what I aim for.
  • Many of you like to read my posts to compare with gardens in other parts of the world.  That is one reason I read overseas blogs too.

But basically many of you said to just keep on doing what I am doing; thanks for your vote of confidence – I will aim to do just that!


I have also started a new blog!

and a New Start

I needed somewhere for the rest of my life that has nothing to do with gardening.  I know that isn’t so much, actually, but I am also hoping that The Traveller will contribute with some of his travel stories.

I have just published a post about a weekend in London; viewing the poppies at the Tower, the Lord Mayor’s show and the streets of London as I have never seen them before.

Pictures and Perspecives

Please pop over for a read. . . .

31 thoughts on “Milestones and New Starts

    • Thanks Angie, I just hope I have time to write another one. I don’t think I will post quite as regularly, just when I have something that doesn’t fit in to the gardening one.

  1. Well done Annette. It is amazing how people from so many other countries visit our blogs. I always wish they would leave a comment, specially if they have blogs too. I love to see how people garden around the world.
    Good luck with the new blog.

    • Thank you Chloris. I would be wonderful to know who they are, especially if they visit regularly. I am not sure yet how it will work writing two blogs, but I may not write the new one as often as the garden one.

  2. Love to see how enthusiastic you have become Annette. When you first contacted me about your Aberdeen site, I thought it may cause a little confusion, but was excited to see another gardener from Aberdeen starting to blog. Little did I know at that time what the coming months were to bring, regarding our move from Aberdeen. Good luck with your new project.
    By the way, your site hasn’t half taken on a professional look, I do find it slightly confusing regarding your first image which I always think will be your latest post. Alistair

    • Thanks so much for your comments Alistair. I will always be grateful to you for getting me started and pointing those first few followers in my direction. I am not sure what to do about the images on the home page. It is only posts that I have tagged ‘featured’ that appear as images on the home page. Sometimes I forget the tag and sometimes the post doesn’t have a featured image that is suitable. I think it is something I need to look into though as you are not the first person to mention it.

    • I think you gain most followers when you join in with WordPress challenges, such as the photography ones or when you join in with themes that run every week or month such as Wordless Wednesday. However the number of followers is not really important as most of them don’t actually read your posts regularly. Just having a few regular readers and commenters is much more important.

  3. Congratulations Annette. I reached my 100th post a week or so ago and there is no doubt I’m badly addicted now!
    All the very best for your new blog too – I’m just heading over there now….

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