In a Vase on a Monday:

I was so impressed that Cathy managed to forage enough plant material in Edinburgh near the end of November that I rather recklessly told her I would also do a vase today.

In reality when I went into the garden I only found a couple of rather sorry looking flowers but I was very happy to pick them as I don’t think they would have lasted much longer outside.

Last flowers of the year

Last flowers of the year

It did give me a chance to christen my new vase,  also a Wedgewood and also from a charity shop. I was so pleased to find it as it replaced a similar one I had given away,  but was actually much nicer.

vase 2

The few remaining flowers in my garden were Gaillardia Goblin,  Erysimum Apricot Delight, Sanvitalia (small yellow flowers) and Gazanias , all of which have been flowering for months , as well as a couple of yellow Osteospermum which are having a very late second flowering.

The seedheads are Montbretia and  Astilbe and greenery was provided by a Holly Fern, Eunymous, Leylandii (it does have some uses!) and Loniceras Bagessen’s Gold and Lemon Beauty.

vase 3

Thanks to Cathy of Rambling in the Garden for hosting this meme, that gives us an excuse for visiting charity shops and buying yet more stuff to squash into already full cupboards.  Also, Cathy, thanks also for encouraging me to go out into my cold, very wet garden where, after picking the flowers, I managed to rake up all the beech leaves that had been lying on the back grass.  A job well done!


20 thoughts on “In a Vase on a Monday:

    • Yes I think so too. Apparently we had a frost in the night last Saturday, but it had gone by morning. I think we are in for a colder winter than last year. I hope I don’t lose too much in the garden – there are a few things that get a bit knocked back by a hard frost.

    • Thanks. I was very pleased with my vase as I had missed my old one. I also felt very pleased having raked those leaves. Still got a lot on the flower beds, but I think I will have to wait for drier weather and hope it doesn’t snow first.

  1. Great vase find – it’s such a useful shape – and what a brilliant result from your ‘sorry looking finds’! Looking at your vase you would never have guessed their sad origins – isn’t it intriguing what we can still find later in the year? And some leaves swept up too – great result all round so well done for rising to the challenge 🙂

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