My favourite wellies

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone but not Forgotten

It was a sad day.

My boots had walked the garden for their last time. No more would I feel their cosy warmth keeping out the rain, the mud or driving snow.  (Yes, I do garden in all conditions!)

These boots had been my trusty gardening buddy for more years than I can remember.

No more.

The rubber had perished and the boots were letting in water.  It was time to say goodbye.

My favourite wellies

My favourite wellies

They were not expensive designer boots like many you can buy these days, but they knew they were loved, cherished and adored. They were even coveted by others who tried to prise them off me.  But no – they were my boots and staying with me.

So goodbye faithful friends – you will always have a place in my heart.

Even better, your fluffy inserts have now found a place in some ordinary wellies. They will not be the same, but at least I have a part of you still gardening with me.  R.I.P




16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone but not Forgotten

  1. You mean you don’t pop out into the garden with your slippers on and then forget you are wearing them! It’s something I do often.
    My comfy gardening boots sprung a leak earlier in the year and resorted to cutting the tops of another pair of wellies I never use – you’ll miss these gardening friends Annette.

    • I do have slippers with good solid soles so I can do that without too many problems. I really will miss those boots, though as I can’t seem to find anything similar anywhere. I will keep looking though.

    • Yes, you wish you had bought two pairs don’t you, but of course by the time they become real favourites it is too late. I keep hoping I will find a replacement – there must be someone that makes furry lined boots that are not fashion statements. Thanks for commenting.

  2. I was going to suggest that you used them as planters but I see that Matt had already suggested it. I hope you find something just as warm and comfy. I just have plain wellies, I like the idea of fur- lined boots.

  3. I like the leaves around the boots. I would have slid them over just a tad so they weren’t sitting on the tile grout. I like that you stood the boots up neatly. Not knowing you, I would imagine you were tidy. 😀 I wonder how the photo would change if the boots were half lying down or set at angles to each other. Farewell dear boots!

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