Boots covered in glitter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

What another photo of my gardening boots!  Well you can see they are very close to my heart! But why are these boots covered in glitter?

Boots covered in glitter

Boots covered in glitter

It all started with Frozen. My 3 year old granddaughter, who lives in Japan, loves the film and loves singing that song all the way through, complete with dramatic actions of throwing her cape and gloves across the room. So as any doting Granny should, I bought her a Frozen outfit from the Disney shop; I even got there as soon as they opened on the day the new batch of outfits came in. I didn’t want them to sell out.

However when I unwrapped the outfit, complete with unattachable cape (that is going to cause some problems!) the whole area was soon covered in multi-coloured glitter.

No, I didn’t unwrap it outside in my wellies!

That was my attempt to remove some of the aforementioned stuff before I became really unpopular with my lovely daughter-in-law!

After a good ten minutes of vigorous shaking and brushing outside, the boots were covered, the patio was covered and I was covered. Was the dress shedding any less glitter – you guessed it, NO!

What was the Disney store thinking of? I would guess that almost every household that contains a little girl under the age of ten (and maybe older) will be covered in glitter this Christmas; it will be on all our carpets, on all our clothes and faces and we will probably be eating it on our Christmas dinner!  Oh well, I suppose it will add to the festive look. Thanks so much Disney!


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

    • Hmm could have done, but I was in the boots at the time! I should maybe have taken them off!! Good idea though, I do appreciate your comments with other ideas for how to take the photos. Thank you so much, keep them coming.

  1. Had to laugh at this 🙂 As I wrote this I found myself remembering Fuzzy Felt which had a habit of turning up everywhere and sticking to the carpet – not as bad as glitter though!

    • Oh Chloris, I am so sorry, but I don’t accept awards. I find it hard to turn down a nomination from a friend, but as I have refused this a couple of times already I don’t think I can accept. I am really honoured that you chose my blog for this though. Thank you so much. I will endeavour to put up a blog free image on my home page so it is more obvious than where I mention it. Sorry to waste your time.

      • Well that’ s fine. Lots of people keep their blogs award – free. The point of nominating you is just to say that I think you have a great blog and to tell other people to take a look.
        Have a very happy new year Annette, I look forward to seeing what you will be getting up to in the garden.

        • Thanks for your kind words Chloris. I am really looking forward to another year gardening and blogging. You have a great New Year too and I look forward to seeing your garden grow for another year. It will much more interesting second time around as I know it better.

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