A frosty morning

Wordless Wednesday: Crewe Hall

A frosty morning

A frosty morning at Crewe Hall, Cheshire


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Crewe Hall

    • We were down there for a wedding last weekend. I really wish I had got up earlier as it was such a beautiful frosty morning. A photographer’s dream. However I just had time for a few snaps before leaving to catch flight back home. At least I got this shot that I was happy with.

      • There will be some good wedding photos then! ps I note from the Hodsock Priory website that February is a busy month for weddings there with all the the snowdrops…

        • I don’t know whether they took any photos outside, but the inside of the hall was pretty spectacular too!
          How did your other seedhead experiment go? Any difference when didn’t put it in water? Will you be publishing your experiments? Have your seedheads outside gone fluffy yet?

          • I could write a post on it, I suppose. The one without water did nothing, and the one in water didn’t do anything else other than that first burst – interestingly though, seedheads on the clump nearest the back door where they were picked from are also showing signs of fluffiness, but today’s temps of 14 degrees could be the trigger and I can see how they could spread during mild winters if they weren’t cut down. Fascinating stuff! 馃檪

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