Wordless Wednesday: Full moon

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full moon

full moon

The wonders of digital magnification!


10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Full moon

    • Thanks Uncle Spike. It took a tripod and a good lens. I still don’t think my lens was quite strong enough as I had to magnify it a bit too much. Still, I’m quite happy with it for now.

        • I don’t really know what a bridge camera is I’m afraid, but you get some good shots with it. I took quite a few shots at different settings to get this picture and even with my lens at its most extended the moon was still tiny. I then had to magnify it enormously in iPhoto on my Mac. I was only able to do this because I had taken the shot on a tripod using a remote to take the photo so absolutely no vibration at all. To do this type of photography properly you would need a lens with much bigger magnification really, but I would generally prefer to be photographing plants (or babies) than planets. 馃檪

          • A bridge, so I understand, is just the term for a camera that is not a pocket fully auto camera, but not a DSLR that has a body and separete lens(es)…. it sort of ‘bridges’ the gap, so to speak. I need to get a tripod – saving up 馃檪

          • Tripods are great for low light conditions, but take a bit of getting used to as they make positioning the camera a whole lot harder and more time consuming. You should get one for your moon shots though.

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