Resolve and Realise

I am taking up the challenge by Duver Diary in which we make public our list of jobs for the next month and then own up at the end of the month as to what we haven’t achieved. As I love making lists this seemed to be a good challenge for me and the added push to get things done can only be good.

Also when you see our forecast at the moment you will see that I have plenty of good excuses at the ready should my resolves not actually get realised!

Snowy Aberdeen

Snowy Aberdeen

So here is my list – weather permitting!

  • Start to redo the North facing wall border after removing a lot of crocosmia last Autumn.

– Shift the piles of soil against the wall, in particular to uncover the Euphorbia that will be coming though now at the garage end. The soil needs to be spread out along the wall to replace that that was dug out with the corms. Any left over can go at the top of the garden

heaps of soil

 – Plan what plants are going to go in here bearing in mind that there will probably still be some Crocosmia that comes through. This is North facing and quite windy and I want plants that will look after themselves. Also I don’t want plants that grow sideways too much as the bed borders the driveway. Any suggestions would be very welcome.

  • Collect up the remaining beech nut shells from the front grass/moss and the remaining leaves from the borders.


  • Prune clematis
  • Source some more Snowdrops to plant ‘in the green’ as I have so few of these lovely plants.
  • Mulch garden with leaf compost, plum tree with manure based compost and rhododendrons etc with ericaceous compost.
  • Buy some potted Winter Aconites from garden centre and see what bargains are going at the moment – maybe something for that new border.
  • If roses start to sprout and weather is suitable then spray to prevent black spot and greenfly.

So that should keep me busy, but meanwhile I am clearing out the house – nothing can be done in the garden today.


27 thoughts on “Resolve and Realise

  1. Annette, you have made me feel tired. I am going to have to have a sit- down after reading your to- do list. I shall be interested to hear if you get it all done. And very impressed.
    I like making lists too but it is a bit daunting when you realise how much there is to do.

    • If I get it all done this month it will be a miracle, but at least it is written down so I will think about it. It will of course depend on getting some milder weather this month.

  2. “If roses start to sprout and weather is suitable then spray to prevent black spot and greenfly.”
    Right, this sounds like something I need to know about, Annette! Pray what will you be spraying your roses with please, so that I can do the same to mine, which are perpetually riddled with EVERYTHING.

    • This is the one area of my garden where I use chemicals. I don’t like doing it, but I find one quick spray early enough in the season before the bees wake up makes a lot of difference to the health of my roses and the quality of the flowers. I usually use something like Rose Clear which deals with both black spot and aphids. Once I see bees, I wouldn’t spray and would just wash the aphids off the leaves with water and a little Fairy Liquid. Not much you can do about black spot though apart from clear up the leaves when they fall and dispose of. Good luck with your roses.

  3. That is quite a to-do list! I’m still trying to stop crocosmia from coming up in the areas that I removed….it is quite persistent (and I dug the soil quite deep in parts). For something shade-loving and close to the drive, perhaps a climbing Hydrangea to cover the wall? Sarocca Humilis also grows in fairly shady locations and can be pruned, plus it will give winter fragrance along the drive…

    • Yes I am already regretting being quite so ambitious! Those are both good options for the wall. I have both plants in other parts of the garden, but they don’t do well as they are in very poor soil areas. They might do better there. Thanks – that part of my list is coming along nicely thanks to suggestions received. I wonder if I could get cuttings to take from my other plants?

      • I’ve never tried propagating sarcococca (I’ve never been able to get my hands on one at right time of year!), but I it would be done semi-ripe cuttings in late summer. If you’ve got climbing hydrangea, just look for a non-flowering piece with aerial roots coming out of it and take a cutting from that anytime between May – August. That should root very easily, but they are a tad slow to establish.

    • We had more snow overnight, but still not enough to be really picturesque. It is certainly cold though. I don’t like a hot house but keep having to turn up the radiators.

  4. Having a to-do list is a great way of encouraging you to get them done, particularly as you have something to cross off – well, it works for me. Hope it does for you too 🙂

  5. I like to-do lists as well. But yours – for February – it’s exhausting. Maybe I’ll just stay indoors and watch you on your blog! Good luck with the plans and I’ll look forward to hearing the results later on!

    • Well, unfortunately, I was in Edinburgh for most of the week helping my daughter buy furniture as she is just buying a flat. However the list is working really well as an incentive. I bought 100 bulbs in the green yesterday (online) and went out and shifted some soil from my Euphorbia even though the weather was really dreich and then even started to rain! I love that word dreich – no other word describes the weather quite so well. I even replanted some Euphorbia roots around the garden to see if they will take. Thanks for asking, that will spur me on even more.

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