World Gardens: Phuket part 2

It is always interesting to discover how others see you.  The English garden in Phuket botanic gardens was no exception.   We wondered what we would find here.

English garden

Do you think this looks typically English ?

The English garden

The English garden




I loved these next statues – I used to enjoy playing leapfrog as a child.

English leap frog



Looks a good book.

What a lovely thought – a little girl sitting in the garden reading a good book. My son thought he would get in this photo together with some refreshing coconut milk!

The garden did contain lots of British flowers: Petunias, Begonias, Busy Lizzies and Roses and all doing very well too.
(Editor’s note: Are these all actually British?)

Nearby was an equally lovely statue of some Japanese children.

Japanese children

And soon we came to the Orchid house.

The gardeners were very busy,

busy orchid house

and no wonder. Look at all these lovely orchids; unfortunately there were no labels in evidence.


orchid blue




Which is your favourite?



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