Improving plant photos

The weekly photo challenge this week on the Rule of Thirds inspired me to get out in the garden with my macro lens.

As my other blog is better suited to displaying photographs I published the post there.  Do pop over for a look.

Rule of Thirds: Improving plant photos.


15 thoughts on “Improving plant photos

    • I have a Nikon D7000. It is great now I am beginning to use it properly. We went on a course in October 2013 and since then have been weaning ourselves off the automatic setting. I still need to adjust things a bit in iPhoto on my Mac though as you can see.

      • coincidence, we’ve just bought the Nikon D750. I’m only just beginning to read the manual! I think I’m going to do a course too. Did you do the Nikon course or just one on DSLR photography?.

        • Oh great, you will love it. We did a general landscape photography course run by Colin Prior down in Perthshire. It really got us using the manual settings. We knew the theory from having a non digital SLR camera but that didn’t help with the practice. I look forward to seeing your photographs.

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