Resolve and Realise: March

OK – I have been putting this post off since the beginning of the month.  I really didn’t want to look back over the list of things I was supposed to do last month, but I don’t think I can leave it any longer.

I have had some winners, some ‘also rans’ and some that didn’t get past the post – the starting post that is.

There were many of you that were sceptical, and rightly so, at the length of my list, but that did actually spur me on even more to get out in the garden when it was cold and rainy and I really didn’t feel like it.

So here goes:

  • Start to redo the North facing wall border after removing a lot of crocosmia last Autumn.

– Shift the piles of soil against the wall, in particular to uncover the Euphorbia that will be coming though now at the garage end. 

heaps of soil


dug border

Quite a lot of the soil shifted around the garden – just the big pile left – you will notice I omitted that from the second photo!

 – Plan what plants are going to go in here bearing in mind that there will probably still be some Crocosmia that comes through. 

Lots of helpful suggestions here for this North facing, windy site.
Christina suggested a Japanese quince. I think that is a really good idea so long as I can find one that doesn’t mind the wind and I can keep it well cut back so it doesn’t scratch the car! I liked the look of Japanese quince ‘Moerloosei’.

Matt suggested a climbing hydrangea and as I have one already I am going to try and find a rooted piece to transplant.  He also suggested Sarcocca humilis which is a good idea for some lovely perfume.

  • Collect up the remaining beech nut shells from the front grass/moss and the remaining leaves from the borders.


Yes and No. Borders all clear of leaves and debris, herbaceous plants cut back and a few that didn’t survive the frost removed.

A very bare but very tidy garden.

A very bare but very tidy garden.

The nut shells, on the other hand still remain for another day.

  • Prune clematis

Done – well it was only a couple of pathetic looking stems!

  • Source some more Snowdrops to plant ‘in the green’ as I have so few of these lovely plants.

Done. I have ordered some Snowdrops online and visited a snowdrop garden where I picked up a couple of beauties.

Screen shot 2015-03-06 at 08.16.24

  • Mulch garden with leaf compost, plum tree with manure based compost and rhododendrons etc with ericaceous compost.

Er no.

  • Buy some potted Winter Aconites from garden centre and see what bargains are going at the moment – maybe something for that new border.

Done and done.

I found the following bargains:

At Dobbies,

  • 2 x ‘Perovskia Little Spire’ to join the one I bought last year.
  • Cerotostigma ‘Sapphire Ring’

Garden Feb:New plants-0

  • Saxifrage Hime.
Saxifrage 'Hime'

Saxifrage ‘Hime’

I saved £21.50 on those 4 plants and then blew £7.00 on a couple of little cyclamen plants at full price. I have enjoyed them though.

I then went to our local private garden centre and found the following on the Bargain Bench

  • 2 x Hebes ‘Mrs Winter’
  • 1 x Mahonia ‘Charity’ – rather small, but it will grow
Mahonia 'Charity'

Mahonia ‘Charity’

And, true to form, I then paid full price for 2 pots of Winter Aconites!



  • If roses start to sprout and weather is suitable then spray to prevent black spot and greenfly.

Done – luckily just  before the wind got up.

So maybe not as bad as I thought. You can see I have left some of the heavier jobs for The Traveller when he returns from his travels.

I am not going to add much more for next month as I know I am going to be busy.

The List for March/April
(See how I sneakily added another month in there!)

Carried Forward

  • Shift the remaining soil from the wall border and prepare the bed for planting.
  • Rake up the nut shells from front and back garden.
  • Mulch the shrubs, especially the plum tree and add compost to the garden.


  • Plant snowdrops and aconites when they arrive
  • Plant other bargain plants already purchased
  • Find and buy the following replacement plants that didn’t survive our harsh frosts:
    • Erysimum (Bowle’s Mauve and Apricot Delight)
    • Gaillardia ‘Goblin’
  • Find a piece of climbing hydrangea to transplant.

Many thanks to Jenny of Duver Diary for getting me organised in the garden.  If you need an extra little push, why not join in this excellent meme


17 thoughts on “Resolve and Realise: March

  1. You’ve crossed a fair bit from your litst Annette – well done. I rarely find any bargains on those shelves. My Mahonia was just as small 3 years ago and now around 4ft high. It’s amazing how quick they get going once they get their roots down.
    I should try this ‘make a list’ myself – it might spur me on.

  2. Sounds good Annette! Well done … I can’t begin to imagine getting so much on my ‘to do’ list actually done. And you will always enjoy your Eranthis (buying in pots is definitely the way to go). I am a little green over the snowdrops, since I am trying to resist at the moment. Will be back to see your progress before the end of March…

  3. Well done Annette – looks like you’ve got through a lot!
    Exciting to see your new purchases too – as you can imagine with my new beds to play with, there have been a few Duver Diary purchases going on too…

  4. Nice! You’ve inspired me to tackle a few of the more offensive things on my own to-do list…. once the snow melts and I can get to them 🙂
    I’m already looking forward to seeing your snowdrops grow and settle in!

    • I hope your snow goes soon and you can get going. I am still waiting for my mail order to arrive. I am beginning to worry it was a bogus company as it has been weeks. Maybe today. . . .

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