Wordless Wednesday:Ravishing Reticulatas

iris reticulata

Iris reticulata


24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday:Ravishing Reticulatas

  1. Good photo!
    I know very little about flowers (I know two: one’s a rose and the other isn’t). I was intrigued to find there’s one called “reticulata”. I think I’ve heard this word with “hijack” to describe when one’s mind surrenders to a problem, though I can’t think what that has to do with flowers. Almost a case in point.

    • Ah – I have just looked it up actually, but I thought it referred to the pattern on the leaves not the corms. Thanks for that – another piece of the gardening knowledge in place thanks to blogging. Great!

    • I tried to look up what they were but that just involved even more long words all to do with cells I think. Anyway I did look up reticulated which I should have done in the first place:
      resembling a net or network; especially : having veins, fibers, or lines crossing.
      So now we know. Isn’t blogging wonderful – all these random things you find out.

  2. Lovely photo! And I do love irisis. I can’t remember when you are off to Japan but have you seen the gorgeous iris gardens there? If memory serves me, late spring is usually when they are in bloom. Of course, that depends on what part of the country you’re visiting.

        • Oh bother – I totally forgot! There is always so much going on with the two young grandchildren. Just caught the cherry blossom though. Home now so just going out to investigate the garden.

          • I can imagine! I would love to go back to Japan with our little one now but the thought of a 10 hour plus plane ride at this stage of growth has left my husband and I saying no, no, no. 😀 Did your garden do wondrous things in your absence?

          • Yes I think you can travel when they are tiny, but then need to wait a bit. It was almost too long for a couple of grandparents too! Actually the garden didn’t do much so it was a really good time to be away. The weather had been cold so apart from the daffodils coming out fully not a lot else happened. At least I didn’t miss anything.

          • Ha ha! I know what you mean. My parents are heading off to Europe later this year and I think it’s great they are doing it, but I know it’s going to be hard on them. And then there’s my 95+ year old family friend who is still travelling internationally! That’s impresive. He’s a former pilot though… I think that makes a difference.

            And as for travelling with kids, yes, yes, and yes. Even a short day trip by car last week included multiple meltdowns. Mind you, wee one was also on the verge of a cold, which of course clamped down as of the next morning. (And we are still wading through it a week later…) Gosh, no matter what you read or hear or observe about kids, until you have your own, you simply have no idea. 😀

            Do you have any daffodil pics? Or perhaps I should mosy on over to your blog and find out for myself. 😀

          • Yes, children are rarely easy – you need a lot of patience which thankfully most of us have when we are young. They are absolutely worth it though and they soon grow out of each stage. Horrid when they are ill though. Hope the cold goes soon.
            Daffodils. Hmm. I keep trying to get a good photo, but not doing very well so far. I need to do a general update post soon which will include some, good or not. I still have to do a Japan one too. A bit behind as we have been getting the house ready for our Aberdeen family (including our 4 month old granddaughter) to move in with us while they sell their house in preparation for moving to Canada! Lots of babysitting then. Lovely.

          • 😀 Yes, all those stages kids go through are so different, aren’t they… It’s incredible seeing the changes in our little peanut. Every day gets better and better! The cold is still there but slowly letting up, thank goodness.
            Looking forward to your posts! I imagine that’s a big change having family move in but probably a load off for them. When is the big move to Canada? Have they been there (here!) before?

    • I think it is harmony but can’t comfirm as most of them came from indoor pots that I put in the garden after they finished. They seem to like it in my garden thankfully and are doing well.

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