Photographing ‘My garden coming to life this spring’

VOTING NOW CLOSED – but you can still comment if you would like to.

I would like your help – please!

A local garden centre is running a photo competition with the following remit:

“Take a photo of your garden coming to life this spring and send it to us by 30th April.

I haven’t entered many photography competitions, but the prize of a£25.00 garden centre voucher is too tempting.  The subject should also be ‘right up my street’, or ‘right up my garden path’ to be precise.

I suspect the judges will be looking for a photo that interprets the theme rather than just a pretty spring photo. It is being judged by a local photographer so the quality of the photo will also have to be good. Finally I am aiming for something original with a certain ‘wow’ factor. Not much to ask is it?

Anyway here are some possible entries followed by a voting form. Which is your favourite?

Crocus 'Whitewell purple'

No 1: Crocus ‘Whitewell purple’ lapping up the sun.

White Primula Denticula

No 2: White Primula Denticulata on a dewy morning

Tulip Clusiana

No 3: Tulip Persian Pearl just about to open

Anemone Blanda

No 4: Anemone Blanda on a sunny morning.

No 5: New shoots

No 5: New herbaceous shoots (lupin and a blue flower whose name escapes me!)

Clematis armandii

No 6; Clematis armandii

You can view these better as a gallery, if you wish, by clicking on any thumbnail below


Thank you for voting and for any comments to help me decide on which photo to submit. I will let you know which photo I choose and how I get on.  In the fortuitous event that I win, I will share the prize with one lucky person. Please leave your email address on the survey if you wish to be included in the draw.

Wish me luck!


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