Photo poll: The results

Many thanks to all of you that voted for your favourite photograph and explained the thinking behind your vote.

There was one outstanding winner: The blue Anemone blanda.

Anemone Blanda

No 4: Anemone blanda

This achieved  57% of the votes  – it was actually my favourite too. You liked the way the light shone through the petals.

There were some reservations though and very good reasons given for other choices.

No 5, the new herbaceous shoots, was seen as the best interpretation of the theme -‘My garden coming to life this spring’ and was chosen by 19% of you.  That is why I short listed that photo, but I think it was lacking impact.

No 5: New herbaceous shoots

No 5: New herbaceous shoots

Tying third with 10% each were the white Primula denticulata and the orange crocuses.

White Primula Denticulata

No 2: White Primula denticulata

Crocus 'Whitewell Purple'

Crocus ‘Whitewell Purple’

In 4th place was the Clematis, but it did get a few other mentions for good composition.

Clematis armandii

No 6: Clematis armandii

And with nill points (a bit like the UK in the Eurovision song contest) was the tulip. The traveller and my daughter both chose this photo, but I don’t think it interprets the theme very well.

Tulip Persian Pearl

No 3: Tulip Persian Pearl

So, thank you all so much for taking part. The anemone photo is now winging its way across the internet to the judges at the garden centre. The competition closes on 30th April, so I hope we will hear shortly after that. I will report back and hope to be able to send one of you a garden centre voucher.  I have really enjoyed hearing your opinions – we must do this again.  Now, I have just noticed that the National Trust is running a photo competition.. . . . . . . . . .



16 thoughts on “Photo poll: The results

    • It was very interesting to see how people voted. I am glad most people put their names to their votes. There were some very good points made too which I think will help me in future competitions.

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