In a Vase on a Monday – er Tuesday: Nostalgia

In my defence I did create the vase yesterday afternoon and I even photographed it, but I wasn’t happy enough to publish it!

Last night, I rearranged the vase and am happier with the result.


I was spurred on to do a vase this week by three main things:

  • I was digging up a very overgrown wallflower and wanted to bring the last few blooms in the house to enjoy the scent.
  • I have masses of Eurphorbia
  • I would rather be doing that than cleaning the house!

So here is my offering this week.


The vase contains:

  • Blue (possibly hybrid) bluebells – I ignored the pink ones which I really don’t like.
  • Yellow self-seeded Broom which will be pulled out once it has flowered as it is getting too large and leggy. I have new young plants already coming along nicely.
  • Euphorbia
  • Poppy foliage
  • And a wayward strand or two of Spiraea ‘Bridal Wreath’

I tried various vases for this arrangement, thinking an old blue and white milk jug would fit the bill perfectly, but it was too wide and didn’t look right at all.  After going through most of my small collection of vases I settled for a straight beer glass – perfect!

The photograph is of my grandmother with my mother as a baby. My mother particularly loved wild flowers and flower arranging.

So where are the wallflowers I can hear you asking?

I tried the wallflowers in the arrangement, and indeed white Primula denticulata and white Narcissus, but they made the arrangement too ‘heavy’.  The primula were chucked as they were on their last legs anyway, but the Narcissus and Wallflowers looked beautiful in a tall slim vase.


I love the colour combination of creamy white with rich browny red.


The white narcissus is Tresamble. It turned out larger than expected because it is labelled as a miniature, but it was very sturdy in a windy situation. The flower heads mostly had two blooms and apparently they can even have three.  It is claimed to be scented ( though  couldn’t detect it)  and deer and rabbit resistant. What more could you ask?



15 thoughts on “In a Vase on a Monday – er Tuesday: Nostalgia

  1. So nice. I really like the chartreuse of euphorbia against that the hue of the bluebells in the first vase. What a treasure is treasured photo of your mother and grandmother and a nice tribute to them. Your wallflowers look perfect with the narcissus too. Have a good week.

  2. Both lovely vases, Annette, and the perfect containers for the blooms – it really is trial and error sometimes over which to use and which blooms to include. It was good to use your ‘rejects’ though!

  3. Lovely vases – hard to choose a favourite! I think you may have given me the name of one of my (inherited) narcissus. I was calling it ‘Thalia’, but I wonder if it’s your ‘Tresamble’ … have a good weekend!

    • I have just looked at Thalia online and they are very similar. I think the difference is in the colour though. Mine are creamy white with slightly creamier centres. Thalia seems to be a purer white. They look lovely too – I think I might get some.

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