Patti’s Garden

Nesting between the North Deeside Road and the old  railway line lies the most wonderful garden.  It is set a long way from the road so you would never know it was there – unless of course you walk, run or cycle along the old railway line and then you may have gazed longingly into the bottom of the garden wondering what was beyond.

Moss-covered wall at bottom of garden

Moss-covered wall at bottom of garden

The garden was created in the late 1980s when Patti sold her house and created three new building plots from the available land.  With the help of a good architect she designed and built a new house and created the garden on the area that used to be her fruit orchard and vegetable patch.

Unfurling ferns and moss-covered boulders

Unfurling ferns and moss-covered boulders

Because of the nature of the landscape, the garden was actually built before the house was constructed.  Fundamental to the design of this sloping garden are huge granite boulders, most of which were found on the plot itself. These have a tendency to become covered in moss, but Patti likes to scrub them clean to show off the granite at its best. She has quite a task ahead of her.  Any volunteers?

At the back of the house is a patio area which falls away into a rockery .

Patti's House

Patti’s House and rockery area at the top of the plot.


Cherry laurel in flower on the patio.

Newer planting in the rockery.

To the left of the house the ground starts to slope away rapidly. . .




Looking up through the acer leaves

Looking up through the acer leaves

And we find ourselves walking down a grassy path between rhododendrons and azaleas.

grassy path

Looking back up the grassy path towards the house





At the bottom of the path is the most delightful burn which runs the length of the garden.

Looking right from the path,

Where the burn enters the garden

Where the burn enters the garden

And looking left down towards the bottom of the garden.

Looking down the garden

Looking down the garden – you can just see the path we came down on the left of the photo

The burn is everything you could want it to be – it is difficult to imagine you are only ten minutes from the centre of Aberdeen and not somewhere way out in the country.

Rocky moss-covered sides

Rocky moss-covered sides

Trickling waterfalls

Trickling waterfalls and water loving plants and ferns

The steep slope at the far side of the burn belongs to Patti’s neighbour, Elspeth. Patti was so pleased when Elspeth bought the house next door and transformed the rather wild slope into a beautiful area with rhododendrons, acers and irises while clearing the ground to allow the existing wild flowers to flourish.  Here, at the right time of year, you can see swathes of snowdrops, bluebells and wild garlic and I am sure a lot more besides.

Striking iris leaves

Striking iris leaves on far bank.

Moving further to the bottom of the garden,

Mature trees

The burn flows near mature trees. Can you imagine this when the water level is full and even overflowing?

Steeper waterfalls

A steeper waterfall with wild garlic growing on the banks.

A nice place to sit

A nice place to sit and admire the bluebells while listening to the bubbling of the burn.

And finally looking back up the garden from the bottom.


Back up garden

Back up garden

You can see what a magical garden this is, especially down by the burn. Thank you so much, Patti, for sharing it with me.






19 thoughts on “Patti’s Garden

  1. This garden is absolutely beautiful! I love the moss and the burn and the plants too, it would be wonderful to sit at the bottom and listen to the birds with the water in the background.

  2. That’s a beautiful garden – very clever use of the borders / slope and you’re right the burn looks as if it’s out in the country. Patti is a lucky lady but I bet it takes some work though.

  3. Annette, did you visit this garden before the path through looks so familiar to me, but I know I haven’t visited myself. I’d like to though as it looks very restful and inviting.

    • I have been twice but this is the first time I have blogged about it. I wonder where you are thinking of. It is not open to the public so unlikely anyone else has seen it either.

      • I’ve just looked again at your photos and especially ‘Looking back up the grassy path towards the house’, is so familiar to me, yet I’ve never been. A mystery but lovely to see your visit.

  4. what a lovely garden Annette, and how nice for you to be able to see it and share, though I have to admit my head is still spinning at the idea of being able to divide your former garden into 3 building plots, I notice the plants are woodland plants, it looks very sheltered, I feel I can hear the bird song, I hope the walk back up was not too strenuous, Frances

    • I think opinions are divided as to whether the moss should stay, but Patti feels that the colour and markings on the rocks are important to the style of the garden. Even if the moss is cleaned off the large rocks there will still be plenty on the rocks by the burn.

  5. The skill and talent to produce a garden that looks so natural can only be admired.
    Patti has produced a beautiful space, it’s a garden you’d want to get lost in. Thanks for sharing with us Annette.

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