Weekly photo challenge: Muse

My muse is my garden, but the particular flower that I keep trying to capture is the red poppy.  I never seem able to get it just right; the papery thinness of the leaves, the striking black markings in the centre, the delicious red colour. . . .





Are there any photographers out there who can tell me how to avoid the screen glare I get when photographing such pure red subjects? I have tried reducing the exposure, but it doesn’t help much. I don’t seem to be able to correct it while editing either. Any tips greatly appreciated to help me photograph my favourite flower.


20 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Muse

    • Thanks Dave,
      I don’t know whether the glare only shows on some monitors/screens – it makes the leaves look rather patchy. I have noticed in on other people’s red photos too, but maybe it is my monitor.

  1. Overcast conditions are way better for photographing plants and gardens than full sun. If you have the chance to do several quick shoots of one subject in your own garden then try early morning, lunchtime and evening and you will be amazed at the difference.
    I have just written a quick blog post to illustrate the point. Hope it helps!

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