Do not adjust your set!

A quick word of warning that, after almost a year of deliberation, I have finally found a new blog theme; I plan to change it sometime soon.  Although I love Twenty Fourteen with its large featured images it won’t display my other photos as large as I would like  (note to self -watch the size of your head!!)  I took note, too, of the comments that Jessica, of Rusty Duck, received about how much people enjoyed her large images (or maybe it was just me that said that?)

So, I am going to go for the Hatch theme instead which hopefully will allow me to show full width images, just in time for the Sud Tyrol post, which I am preparing. I will lose the sidebars, but who looks at archives anyway? The only real problem with the theme is that you have to have a featured image for each post which can sometimes result in your main image showing twice.  I am hoping to find a way around that eventually.

Many things from the sidebars will now be at the bottom of the post; in fact I have already started moving them.  If you miss anything then please do let me know.  Also, after a while, if you still prefer the original theme then do send me a comment – after all it is what you all think that counts.

I am not sure what will happen to some of the older posts as the layout may not be quite right but I will adjust the more recent ones so they are OK.

So, watch this space and please forgive a period of confusion as I get things sorted!


5 thoughts on “Do not adjust your set!

  1. Look forward to seeing the new you!
    Changing the theme may mean that some of the older posts need a bit of tinkering with, at least that’s been my experience. And I can’t say I’m completely caught up with it either. But it’s still a worthwhile thing to do. Good luck.

    • Thanks – yes I added most of my older photos as medium sized so that could upset the formatting. There was no point adding them large as they didn’t display any bigger. I am not sure I will go back and change them all, but maybe some of my better posts.

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