Walking in the South Tyrol. Part 1 – The Valley

Last month, the traveller and I took a holiday in Italy just south of the Austrian border in the area known as the South Tyrol. It takes some determination getting there from the UK: two flights, two trains and a taxi, but it is really worth it. The traveller had come up trumps again having scoured Google and  Google Earth to find  a wonderful spa hotel in a mountain valley with no through traffic i.e. a dead end in the middle of the mountains.

The beautiful Valle de Cassies

The beautiful Valle di Casies

We spent ten days walking up mountains, sitting in the spa relaxing and then eating as much as we could of the seven course dinners. I could write a whole post on those as the food on offer was spectacular; such healthy salads, tender meats and sumptuous deserts, but that will have to wait. I could also write quite a lot about the spa, but as the requirement was for minimum clothing you wouldn’t get many photos!

Santa Maddalene church

Every village, no matter how remote, has a church at its centre.


children 1
These children were in their Sunday best, probably on their way back from Sunday School.
children 2

Apart from tourism, most people in the valley were dairy farmers. While we were there they were cutting the lower meadows to provide winter food for the animals.  A lot of this was done by hand as there were very few flat fields. It looked very hard work. There were quite a few strange wooden structures, called harps,  in the area;  after much deliberation as to their possible function, we eventually found out they were used, in the past, to dry out food crops.

Man working in field while his children played

Man working in field while his children played

Grass is hung over supports to dry.

Grass is hung over supports to dry. A disused harp is in the background.

Old farm machinery

Old farm machinery

Every family has a large wood pile ready for winter

Every family has a large wood pile ready for winter

There were old derelict buildings scattered about the valley, but lots of new building work going on too. We had to take photographs very carefully, to avoid the huge cranes.

Old building

Old building

Finally, for this post, I think these people have a real sense of humour:



Ladies and Disabled

Ladies and Disabled

I guess that is what you feel like after calling in for a few pints at a mountain hutte and walking all the way down!


14 thoughts on “Walking in the South Tyrol. Part 1 – The Valley

  1. As this is my first post using the Hatch theme, I would appreciate knowing if you can view the photos correctly, especially the smaller ones which should appear side by side on a large enough (laptop) screen.

    • Thanks for your feedback; it is a nice simple theme, but the main advantage was the full width column for the posts as I couldn’t find any other free themes that did that.

  2. What a beautiful valley Annette. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday and your photos help us to understand the locals too. I like your new blog theme and yes, your photos are displaying for me as you intended.

  3. Lovely photos side by side. Austria is a lovely country, we have visited a few times, time we went back again as it has been 5 yrs since our last visit. I will look forward to your next photos too.

    • Glad the layout worked OK. You are never sure when playing with different sizing. Five years is too long – you definitely need to go back. The mountains are so invigorating.

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