Weekly photo challenge: TREAT

It is always a real treat when our garden is visited by a butterfly as we get so few. This Peacock butterfly paid us a fleeting visit back in September this year. He stayed long enough for a few photos, but we had to be quick.

Peacock Butterfly on Echinops

Peacock Butterfly on Echinops

Peacock Butterfly on Echinops

Peacock Butterfly on Echinops

Peacock Butterfly on Echinops

Peacock Butterfly on Echinops




15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: TREAT

    • Thanks Brian. I am lucky enough to have a Nikon 18mm to 200mm zoom lens. This was taken at the maximum zoom, F5.6 and 1/200 shutter speed and ISO 100. Looks like the camera was set to automatic, I probably should have lowered the shutter speed a bit to increase the aperture so more of the photos were in focus at a time. Not really time to think when snapping butterflies. Sorry was that too much information!

        • My other half and I kicked off our proper use of our digital camera with a weekend course with Colin Prior down in Perthshire. We still use Automatic when pushed, but at least we can override it if we don’t like the settings.

  1. Beautiful photos Annette. We have Peacock Butterflies visiting us but nowhere near as many this year as last year. Luckily butterfly populations can regenerate quickly if they have a good source of food for both adults and caterpillars. They lay their eggs on the common nettle so a nice fresh patch of young nettle leaves in a sunny spot is essential. They also love Hops apparently!

    • Thanks Gillian. I thought about planting some Golden Hops when we had a visit from a Comma butterfly last year. I do have a patch of nettles at the back of my border though that I leave alone in hope that they will be found by the butterflies. I could do with some more I guess in a sunnier spot.

      • Yes. They do need to be in the sun and they also need to have plenty of fresh young leaves to eat too. We shear out nettles periodically hoping that passing butterflies will spot the new foliage.

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