A Virtuous Gardener

I hope you enjoy this parody of the post I was going to write – a lot of poetic license taken!

A Virtuous Gardener

A virtuous gardener is a thing to behold,
I hope you’ll agree once my story is told.

You may wonder why I have feelings so proud,
So let me regale a few cases out loud.

This grass was cleared yesterday - honest!

This grass was cleared yesterday – honest!

My borders are tidy with weeds all rejected,
The grass is now cut and the leaves all collected.

The delicate plants have coats added of fleece,
While my vigilance for bugs will just never cease.
I’ve removed summer bedding and split up perennials,
I’ve  put in my bulbs  and I’ve planted biennials.

I have cuttings of Erysimums just waiting to grow,
And seeds of Astrantia all ready to sow.


Rudbeckia – Little Goldstar

Cotinus - leaves turning

Cotinus – leaves turning

I’ve split the Euphorbia into myriad pieces
For all round the garden and some for my nieces (Sorry!)

The overgrown herbs have all been uprooted
And replanted much neater with bits that had shooted.
My friends have all helped me to fill up my tubs,
By letting me cut at their favourite shrubs.

Others took pity and have been sending me seeds,
I’ve Foxgloves from Fraserbrough and Lupins from Leeds.

Newly bought Cyclamen, but added with bits of Ivy and Heuchera from elsewhere in the garden

Newly bought Cyclamen, but combined with bits of Ivy, Heuchera, and Holly from elsewhere in the garden

Rows and rows of pots , in the growhouse and all over the garden.

Rows and rows of pots , in the growhouse and all over the garden.

I’ve taken all offerings, even those with no name,
In this  propagation fever there’s no room for shame.

I’ve given the borders a nice Autumn feed,
And mulched the Azalias – a really good deed.

But now you are all cringing and wringing your hands,
And wishing I’d stop – there’s no more you can stand.

For only one thing is worse than gardener who boasts,
And that my dear friends is such a gardener that posts!

With thanks to Cathy of Rambling in the Garden by inspiring me with her real poem.



21 thoughts on “A Virtuous Gardener

    • It certainly is, Charlie. Though of course I am not quite ready. I still have some more plants that I ordered to get in and the front garden is covered with leaves again! Let’s face it until it snows there is always something we need to do in the garden!

  1. Oh Annette, I appreciate your kind reference to my recent poem but surely yours is no less ‘real’ than mine?! Even though mine was unusual for me in that it rhymed, it expressed my emotions at the time and this is exactly what yours did. You should be chuffed with what you have managed to do in your garden recently as well as for being able to encapsulate it in rhyme like this 🙂

    • Oh thanks Cathy. I was rather pleased with the poem, even though it was a bit of a joke really. I think that sort of poem is much easier to write. I took longer arranging the pictures and words than I did writing it. Did the layout look OK on your computer. The photos were supposed to be next to the words, but the WordPress reader rather messed it up. Anyway, as for the garden, yes I am feeling really pleased with all the cuttings and plant divisions I have done this year. I am not sure I am quite ready to say I won’t buy plants next year, but I should be able to fill most of my gaps myself.

  2. Annette, how pleased I am to have taken the time to read your post which doesn’t half rhyme. Erm! that’s the best I can do, great to see your garden prepared for the Spring to come which I am sure will give a lot of fun. (och didn’t mean to do that) Keen to know what you use as an Autumn feed.

    • Thanks Alistair – you are so good at rhyming yourself you should have a bash at writing a poem. By the way, did you see my previous post on a Special Garden – you got a mention. You would have loved the garden I visited. The Autumn feed was leaf compost which had been started two or three years ago.

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