Christmas came early!

The Traveller and I have just had a lovely weekend down in Edinburgh with my daughter and her boyfriend.  We took the opportunity to have an early Christmas as we won’t be seeing them over the festive season. We also took the opportunity to give each other our  Christmas present early – a new Panasonic Lumix T60 camera.  Well, to be honest, it is probably going to be more mine than Mike’s, as I am less prepared to take our heavy DSLR with me when walking up hills.


On the way back to Aberdeen, having avoided the closed Forth Road Bridge, we took a break at one of our favourite stopping points, Glendoick Garden Centre.  No, I wasn’t still on the lookout for plants, instead we thought we might pick up a few Christmas presents.


As we got out of the car we realised how cold it was outside. It had been a bit chilly in Edinburgh, but not as cold as this was. The puddles were frozen and the fields were all white. I soon realised this was an opportunity to try out the new camera.

Winter Wonderland

Frost covered fields

One reason I like Glendoick is that they have a garden area where you can see their plants actually growing.

Today this turned out to be a winter wonderland. Nothing makes plant foliage quite so beautiful as a layer of ice crystals.

I was very pleased with how this camera performed – and all on automatic, or what they now call ‘Intelligent Auto’ mode! The purchase of this camera could be a real step back for my mastering of the finer points of photography!



23 thoughts on “Christmas came early!

    • Thanks Chloris. I have a feeling I will be using this camera on Auto most of the time, though it does have a manual mode. It was very quick to use – just as well in those conditions.

  1. With families more spread around these days it is sensible to also spread Christmas over a longer period to make time for all the family. Frosted foliage makes beautiful photos, not that I want any frost, I look forward to seeing more pictures from your new camera.

  2. We bought a new DSLR this year but have to admit that I achieve better images with my old Lumix especially on macro zoom which the Nikon just can’t match. You’ve taken some great images already, love the frosty leaves.

    • I couldn’t believe how easy the macro was compared with the DSLR where you have to change the lens and think carefully about focussing etc. I don’t expect it will be as good at the end of the day, but for quick snaps, it is so much easier.

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