Weekly photo challenge: Gathering

I knew in over 13,000 photos I should be able to find something that represented a ‘Gathering’ and here it is.

slippers large


This photo was taken at the wedding of my son to his lovely Japanese wife. They were married in a Shinto shrine in Kurashiki and then had their reception afterwards in a Ryokan  – a traditional Japanese hotel.

These hotels, like many traditional Japanese homes, have floor coverings made of tatami (straw) mats. To keep these clean you would never wear outdoor footwear when walking on them.  Japanese people always take off their outdoor footwear before entering their homes, the shrines and any of the more traditional hotels and restaurants.  To save you carrying round your indoor slippers these are provided for you by the hotels and shrines and are usually this same cream colour. This distinguishes them from the slippers you change into when visiting the rest rooms. These are often a darker colour.  The real problem for us westerners is remembering to change out of the ‘toilet’ slippers when returning to the hotel or restaurant. Yes, you can guess who has forgotten and on more than one occasion! Oh the shame when you realise that your feet are the wrong colour! Of course Japanese people are far to polite ever to say anything.

These slippers were laid out ready for all the wedding guests who were arriving for the reception.  So not only is it a gathering of slippers, but it represents a much more important gathering – that of our two families, one British and one Japanese, coming together to celebrate a very happy union.



17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Gathering

    • It was lovely Brian. Well I have most of them on my Macbook, but it is now full so I have an external hard disk. I was doing backups of my whole laptop, but I am not sure how to do the external disk as well. I must sort that soon. I can’t get my head around using The Cloud for storage somehow. I don’t want to be reliant on the internet and I don’t want to have to pay a subscription for ever more. What do you do?

      • I have them on my MacBook and have been saving them on Picasa which has huge free cloud storage. Unfortunately since updating my Mac, they no longer communicate!!
        I am now copying my photos, by file name, to an external hard drive.
        I hope that is useful.

        • I use the Macs Time Machine to back up the whole of my Mac. It is so useful. Have you tried Googling your communication problem? Usually there is some kind person who has solved the same problem and is kind enough to write about it. I don’t know how we ever managed before Google!

          • I do also use time machine, like you, on a second hard drive. I have tried using Google to solve the Picasa / Apple problem, they own Picasa. Several people have had a similar problem, Google say the problem is with Apple and Apple say it is with Google!!!

          • That is so typical! Hope someone finds a solution soon. What OS did you upgrade to? I am still on 10.6 but really need more memory as well as an upgrade. Wonder how much a new Macbook would be. . . . .?

          • El Capitan 10.11.2 Updating is necessary they say to maintain Apple security, it also messed up my email address’s, they sorted that out on line. A new Macbook is around £1000. Could you use another hard drive to store just photos?

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