Snow in Calgary

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

Happy New Year from Calgary and Aberdeen

Yes, I have spent the festive season in and around Calgary, Alberta, near the Banff National Park. My son and his family have just moved permanently out there.

Snow in Calgary

Snow in Calgary

We arrived to snow on the ground and we left to snow on the ground and we experienced temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius.

Snow in Calgary

Snow in Calgary

It was all amazing: being there for my little granddaughter’s first birthday just before Christmas, having a truly white Christmas with family, skiing in the Rockies, walking in snow shoes – the list goes on.

Snow in Calgary

Snow in Calgary

I will write more later and show you some of the amazing sights we saw, but this week’s photo challenge was very apt. The snow in Calgary is totally different stuff to the snow in Aberdeen. Here it is wet and heavy and has to be dug off your driveway with a shovel; there it is so light and fluffy you can brush or blow it off your driveway. It is more like icing sugar than snow. Rubbish for making snowmen or snowballs, but absolutely delightful for taking photos as it glistens in the sunshine. Sunshine was something else we saw a lot of – we had brilliant weather for the whole two weeks we were there.

I would like to wish all bloggers near and far all the very best for 2016!

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19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

    • You are right. I do have a son in Japan, but that is the elder son. This is our second one. Really hoping our daughter stays in this country, nice though it is to travel we don’t get to see them very often.

    • Happy New Year to you and Myra too! Calgary is a very nice place to live – her Aunt was lucky to live there. Yes we do get about a bit, but I would still rather have the family a bit closer.

    • It is amazing how light it is. It makes it so easy to clear their drives and any paths in front of their houses. They are all expected to do this every day it snows as a courtesy to the postman and others who might be walking past.

  1. That’s amazing looking snow – looks like sugar. I suppose the air temperature must make a difference to how the crystals form. How curious that both sons have ended up moving abroad – it is their jobs that take them rather than a desire to leave the UK? How confident are you that your daughter wil not do the same? If you are happy with visiting these far flung places then I suppose there is an upside to where they have settled, even if it does involve rather more travel than it would to other parts of the UK 😉

    • Happy New Year to you to Gillian. Gradually working through the photos – quite time consuming actually. It is a good job there isn’t too much to do in the garden at the moment.

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