Japanese sign

Weekly photo challenge: Alphabet

Not an alphabet exactly, but I just love this Japanese writing whether it is on signs, lanterns or even on the road!

Japanese writing

Japanese writing on sign


Japanese writing

Japanese writing on lanterns


Japanese road signs

Japanese road signs

In response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge


15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Alphabet

  1. Annette, Did you live in Japan or just visited? Is the top sign from the Garden in Okayama near Kurashiki? I love that Garden. I think it is ranked one of the top 3 in Japan. Interesting how they have the basic sign in Korean too. There is a huge influx of Chinese tourists at the moment so I am expecting to see more in Chinese soon too.

    • Hi Leanne, Well spotted – it is indeed from the tea plantation in Korakuen garden, Okayama. My son married a lovely Japanese girl and they are now living in Okayama with our two little granddaughters. We have been lucky enough to visit quite a few times now at differing times of the year. Interesting what you are saying about the influx of Chinese tourists. Where is it you live?

    • Japanese calligraphy is a real art form and is very very beautiful. It is a skill that takes many years to perfect and is highly revered. Worth looking up on the internet, Brian.

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