End of Month View: January

I’m starting as I mean to go on and hopefully will manage more regular posts to this end of month view.

I have decided to concentrate on one area of my garden, the roundish bed in the middle of my camomile path. I have called this the ‘Romantic border’ as you can sit on a bench at the back of the path, smelling the camomile and looking out into the garden. For this reason I have kept to a pinkish colour scheme here. Not that you can tell at this time of the year.

Romantic border

Romantic border

Last Autumn I decided to make a radical change to this border and removed a wonderful Penstemon which was the centrepiece of this border. It was a difficult decision, but it was getting old and I had quite a few pieces of it elsewhere in the garden. I wanted a more striking, year-round centrepiece, one that was more atmospheric. In fact what I wanted was a Stipa gigantica.

Romantic border

Romantic border with Stipa Gigantica hidden by stems of herbaceous plants.

When I got the opportunity to buy this in an online sale, I ended up with two so they could complement each other in the garden. The other I have put up near the house at the side of the patio.

As this is quite small and will be for a few years, I still have a lot of bulbs and perennials growing around it, but eventually there won’t be much else apart from some low growing plants. For now, though, you can see the muscari bulbs are well through and a geum is still looking green.  The plant under wraps is a gaura that hasn’t done well these last few years, so I am trying to nurture it a bit.

Looking left from my carefully marked photography spot you can see my plum tree. I am desperately looking for signs of buds growing, but nothing yet.

Looking to the left

Looking to the left


And to the right

Looking to the right

Looking to the right

I am considering moving the Skimmia japonica as it is getting quite large and it is rather close to the rhododendron behind it. That would leave me room for more wonderful herbaceous plants.

Elsewhere in the garden there is still not much happening, but I think in a few weeks it will be quite different.

Iris reticulata 'Pauline'

Iris reticulata ‘Pauline’

Pauline, new for this year, has been teasing me for weeks, but still no sign of colour. Still it is further on than my older irises. The winner, though, looks to be a pot of Iris reticulata ‘Clarette’. These were left in the garage over Christmas and then brought out to the back door step for a little warmth.

Iris reticulata 'Clarette'

Iris reticulata ‘Clarette’

Cyclamen Coum

Two plants of Cyclamen coum

cycamen 2

Cyclamen coum on left

These cyclamen have me puzzled. Why is it that one on the left has lovely healthy looking leaves and the other has none, but just as many flowers?

Elsewhere in the garden there are very early signs of spring.



With thanks to Helen at The Patient Gardener for hosting this End of Month View.


18 thoughts on “End of Month View: January

    • They were one of my bargains at a GC sale. The white pencil is what they call a china pencil I think. Actually they have been a bit disappointing as they are now breaking off. I think they are rotting as they are made of wood and are usually wet! The one for my Magnet snowdrop has just disappeared altogether. A real mystery. But yes I do rather like them too. They look so much nicer than white plastic and I find I can no longer remember where I put things so a real necessity.

  1. Your garden is looking remarkably pristine considering the winter weather. Iris ret. Pauline is lovely, but can be shy to flower in the garden, a little feed might help if you don’t have any flowers this year. Mine are jsut flowering the greenhouse so there is still time.

    • Thanks. The garden hasn’t been hit too badly by the storms thankfully. It is usually the front garden under the big trees that gets it. I think Pauline has flowers, but I will have a closer look. Anyway I am still hopeful she will perform.

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