Wordless Wednesday: Photo bombed

Or just plain bombed!

Short eared owl at Aberdeen beach bombed by crow.

Short eared owl at Aberdeen beach bombed by crow.


21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Photo bombed

    • It all happened really quickly Julie. Thankfully I pressed the shutter in time. I was being really careful not to disturb the owl as I was photographing it, when along came this big black bird that was much more of a problem than I was being. The poor owl just flew off.

    • It was just luck and a bit of patience. I had watched the owl land and gradually crept closer to get better photos. Then suddenly the crow appeared. Luckily my camera settings were about right.

    • Thanks Brian. I just kept the release down on continuous, but you are right it was over in a flash. The next shot was the owl in the air, but it is a bit blurry – I don’t think even at 1/200 it was fast enough. What speed do you usually use for flying birds?

    • We are just really lucky to have the opportunity to see these owls Gillian. Went yesterday again, but I think it was just too noisy as the weather was fantastic and everyone was out making a lot of noise.

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