Back to Calgary and meeting friends

Part 1: Christmas in Calgary

Part 2: Canmore: a winter wonderland

Part 3: Lake Louise – Walking on Water

Part 4: Nakiska -more frozen water

After 6 days in Canmore we returned to Calgary to stay with my son and his family.

We had more time to look around the area now.

A beautiful tree

A beautiful tree

Our son and is family live in a residential area with wide tree lined streets. There are many white birch trees which look lovely in the snow.

Another street view

Another street view

Canadian white birch

Canadian white birch

The river is never far away.

Bow river

Bow river

One highlight of our Canadian trip (and there were so many) was meeting fellow bloggers, Hilary and Hitoshi. Hilary is Canadian and Hitoshi is Japanese and together they write a couple of blogs about life in Japan and Canada. I have learnt a lot about life and folklore in Japan from their blogs, Japan Can(ada) Mix and Gozumezu. It was so nice to meet them in person and also to meet their toddler who was so well behaved. We had a great lunch in a Japanese restaurant in Calgary – one I think we will be visiting again.

That brings to the end this mini series on our Canadian holiday.  To see other travel posts please search on the category Travel on my blog.




9 thoughts on “Back to Calgary and meeting friends

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  2. Do you know what the variety of the Birch tree is. After we had a holiday in Canada I planted Betula papyriferra in the front garden, this is the birch that is made into canoes I believe. I’m just hoping mine doesn’t grow as much as the one you photographed!

    • Sorry – I don’t know the variety. They did look different to our Silver Birches. Actually some trees we thought were birches turned out to be Aspens! I hope yours doesn’t grow as large too!

  3. There is jus ‘something’ about snow and bare trees don’t you think Annette. I love how the yellow street sign really stands out in your images. It looks almost intentional. Or perhaps it was 🙂 Good to read you caught up with some bloggers too.

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