Who’s a pretty boy then?

My gardening season finally got under way today. The sun was out most of the day and it actually felt warm. It was lovely in the garden – I didn’t even need a coat in the morning. The birds were singing, I believe, although I couldn’t really tell as The Traveller had decided to power wash the patio!

I pruned the roses, planted some new lavender and dug up lots of weeds.

Then a very funny thing happened. I was walking to the compost heap at the back of the garage and I disturbed a small bird that had been in the Japanese garden. On the way back I disturbed it again. Strange, I thought, as I couldn’t think what it had been doing there – twice.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden

So I kept watch and sure enough it returned a third time.

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed our old mirror placed behind the middle bamboo, just to create an illusion of space.  Yes, you have guessed it, the female chaffinch, as that what is turned out to be, was totally engrossed courting its own image in the mirror.  I wonder how it discovered it in the first place? Now this might be understandable if male and female chaffinches looked the same, but the males are really quite colourful. This did not seem to matter to the female. She was so carried away, pecking and chirping, that I was able to get quite close.

The real bird is on the left

Who's a pretty boy then?



In the end I took pity on the little bird and covered the glass with a piece of cardboard. I hope she finds a real mate soon!



21 thoughts on “Who’s a pretty boy then?

    • It’s strange – I don’t seem to make lists for the garden, just for everything else in my life. In fact I often don’t know what I am going to do until I get out there.

      • No I don’t make lists for the garden, it’s just now is the time to get out there and I have so much other stuff popping up too! I start a genealogy course tomorrow, am working on itineraries for trips, and have several posts to work through! A good tip that I have stuck to about gardening is set your garden in sections and work on something in a section everyday. Do not look at anything in another section, just work on the designated section. This really works for me! Otherwise I was always fussing on what had to be done and worked way too hard! Ha ha!

        • Planning trips the way you do must take a lot of time. Where is your next big trip?
          Not a bad idea for the garden, but I quite like dotting about varying the things I am doing and taking time in between for lots of scrutiny of what is happening out there. Yes you have guessed it, sometimes there is more wandering and looking than actual working!

  1. how sweet Annette, maybe she thought she was just having a chat as girlies do sometimes, I don’t have chaffinches so don’t know there behaviour but some birds seem to like having chats,
    Annette I don’t know if you saw my reply to your kind offer of a yellow erysimum, I will decline as I already have 2 yellow flowering erysimums, thank you very much, your offer is much appreciated, Frances

    • That could have been it – I wonder what they were discussing? I did miss your reply about the erysimums. Glad you have yellow ones already – they are wonderful aren’t they.

  2. Oh bless your little chaffinch! I remember watching a chaffinch repeatedly flying and pecking at a window at Elder Daughter’s house, presumably because of its reflection. Can’t remember if it was male or female though

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