Ard Schenk crocus

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: March 2016

Another wonderful day in the garden yesterday. The sun was out ALL day and so was I.

There still aren’t a lot of flowers showing, but the crocuses were blooming their socks off in the sunshine.

Pot of white crocuses - Ard Schenk

Pot of white crocuses – Ard Schenk

These early flowering crocuses (believe me they are early and would probably have flowered in February in England!) are a new variety for me this year. They look like little poached eggs.

Another pot of crocuses were starting to flower. They didn’t have quite the same impact but were pretty none the less. I don’t know how that purple one got in there!

Crocus Romance

Crocus Romance

Crocus 'Romance'

Crocus ‘Romance’

In the rockery the Whitewell Purple are not quite so stunning as last year, but I found many of the bulbs sitting on the surface a week or so ago, so that has held them back a bit. Looks like one of them may have even jumped into the pot shown above.

Crocus - Whitewell purple

Crocus – Whitewell purple

While in the Romantic Border a larger white variety is also flowering. I think this is Jeanne D’arc because of the vivid orange stamens and the purple stripe on the stem.

White crocus

The Iris reticulata have been adding lovely splashes of blue for weeks now and they are still not all out. I think the cold weather has extended their flowering period immensely.

Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’

I am glad I tried some new varieties this year, (Clairette and Pauline), but I think the vivid blue and yellow of Harmony takes some beating.

At the top garden this G.elwesii has lovely markings.

Galanthus elwesii

Lovely markings on Galanthus elwesii

While at the side of the house the Narcissus ‘Tête á Tête’ really make us feel spring has arrived.

Narcissus 'Tête á Tête'

Narcissus ‘Tête á Tête’

I have planted some English lavendar in between the bulbs. The French ones I put in a few years ago are looking rather sickly and will probably have to come out.

DSC_7347Finally, let me share with you a new Erysimum I have just bought from the garden centre.

I already have the common purple Bowles Mauve, a rather delicate looking Apricot delight and a deliciously fragrant Yellow Bird.  But it was love a first sight when I saw Winter Passion! Although I was actually looking for some ferns for my stumpery, I just had to buy this plant. It wasn’t cheap, but I reckoned I could get a few cuttings from it in the Autumn to make it a better deal. I will have to protect it from any frosts before then though.


Just look at the lovely rich coloured flowers – and they are slightly scented too.

Erysimum 'Winter Passion'

Erysimum ‘Winter Passion’

Well that is it for this month. Lots of bulbs have started growing now, so next month we should have a lot of different tulips and narcissus flowers.

With thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting this meme. Why not pop over to see what other gardens around the world have in flower today.






26 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: March 2016

  1. Your white crocus are stunning! Also love the blue of your Iris reticulata, most of my Paulines turned out to be blue, I wonder if they are the same. Your Erysimum has such a deep beautiful red, a welcome addition to any garden.

    • Thank you. Yes most of your Irises did look like Harmony to me. Pauline is quite purple. It is a bit annoying when you don’t get what you order isn’t it?
      I am really happy with my new Erysimum – I am just trying out different places in the garden for it while it is in its pot. I suppose I should look back at photos to see where there is actually any space.

  2. I’m new to your blog and I’m enjoying seeing all those lovely bulbs and colours….we are just at the end of summer (in Canberra Australia) and everything is a little hot and dry.

  3. I love both your white crocuses. After finally working out how protect by Cream Beauties from hungry marauders I’m very tempted to try some white ones next year.
    And that Erysimum’s fabulous. I saw two superb clumps of a similar blood red colour growing by the gates of Arundel Castle last year and they looked magnificent against the grey stone. Put me down for a cutting 😉

    • Certainly will Jenny. I hope it continues to stay as bushy and healthy looking. There are no non-flowering stems at the moment or I would take some cutting now. Do remind me later on though or I might forget.

  4. What stunning spring flowers. I particularly love the purity of the snowdrop and the intensity of the little iris! Thank you for commenting on my goldfinches. We used to put niger seed in a container for goldfinches, but they never chose it. These days we simply hang fatballs (with mealworms and/or seeds) and fat cylinders (with berries). These do not interest the goldfinches, who clearly prefer last year’s lavender!

    • Thank you. I find if I leave niger seed long enough they eventually find and eat it, but they really prefer sunflower seeds. Last year’s lavender is great for them – I have never seen birds eating any of my garden seeds even though I did leave them on all winter.

  5. We have Jeanne D’arc in the garden, it is not even flowering here in sunny Worcestershire! Perhaps this weeks sunshine will help us catch up. All the spring bulbs are so cheering.

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